Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Drama, Much?

For whatever reason, Bella has been legitimately having a hard time of things lately. Very much crying, tantruming, and just general meltdowns. Getting dressed and that sort of thing has been a particular challenge, as she wants to wear only summer clothes--from last year. Every little thing is a tragedy of Greek proportions. But tonight, when I couldn't find (or even figure out what she was talking about) "the white plate" upon which to place her dinner of a chicken leg and 4 pounds of mashed potatoes, I heard a new one from her, which just beat them all.

Throwing herself prostrate upon the floor, face to the floorboards and little fists pounding, the poor mistreated lamb cried out, in what was obviously very real anguish,



Poor baby. The harsh realities of life can be so painful.

Update--heard from my sweet friend Leslie, another "Oct02 Mommy"--that's how we met--whose just-turned-3 son declares, when he doesn't want to go to bed, "IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT!" So at least I know I'm not alone with the toddler theatrics!

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  1. i feel like that sometimes, too. does she like to read with you? has she been introduced to alexander and his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? that one is still one of my favorites...

  2. That's a good book suggestion, and I can't believe she doesn't have it yet. She ADORES books. I'm not sure what is going on that is making mountains out of molehills lately, but I hope it's over soon!

  3. oh geez.. you are SO not helping me to look forward to my little one growing up!

  4. That's really funny. I mean, for me. You're raising Bette Davis?

    My beloved niece went through a pinching phase at age four when hideous injustices like the wrong plate bore down upon her. I like Bella's sense of style.

  5. Bella has thespian written all over her!

    She is three right? Perhaps you could get her in a playgroup? Interacting with children her own age more frequently might help her to not get so frustrated so easily. Just a thought (and you can tell me to shut it if I've over stepped here).

  6. Oh, but Celena...the flip side are the hugs, kisses, and things like,
    "I'll make you feel all better."
    "I love you over the whooooole world."
    "We are best friend EVER."
    And a personal favorite:
    "Mommy's happy, Daddy's happy, and Bella's happy--we're aallllllll Happy Friends!"

    VG--yeah, she just turned 3. And you are absolutely right. When I'm working regularly, she goes to preschool for 4-5 hours each weekday, and really loves it. And she doesn't tantrum there. There's usually something behind it, like she doesn't feel good, or she's tired. We're going in to the office today, so I expect a better day for her today.

    Doug, yes, and speaking of actresses of that era, one of our other favorite things is when she follows something up with, "...really I will." As far as syntax, we've decided that her speech patterns are part Eliza Doolittle and part Yoda.

  7. forget about our husbands! our kids can never meet!!!!

    she is awesome and brilliant and you can keep all her acting money until she's 18 and sues you for emancipation :)

  8. Some day I want to come over for barbecue and watch the drama unfold. Didn't bugs bunny use to do the "really, I will" bit?