Friday, December 30, 2005

Cool Art

It was through an affiliate program that I discovered the art of Dale Moses. The colors and the composition grabbed me. I've already bought two of his pictures for the new house--This for Bella's bathroom:
And this one for the kitchen:
I'm going to get the poppies pictured in the banner below as soon as I figure out which size will work best. (Pat, if you're visiting, the desert boots SO put me in mind of you!)

( link in sidebar under "shopping")


  1. dude, he's *good*! i'm going shopping right now!

  2. and darling, the link is wrong. i managed to get into sharewhatevertheheck it is, but had to really dig around to find moses art....but i'm shopping!

  3. Cool stuff! I love the colors, very bright and happy :-)

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Belinda!

  4. OK, I guess the banners don't work in posts? Anyway, there's still a link in the sidebar. He's one of my affiliates.

    I think I'm going for the BIG orange poppies for the "hearth room" in the new house. That would be the weird central room next to the kitchen, with the fireplace. I still want a roasting spit for that.

  5. What? No Warholish poodles to adorn the living room? You disappoint me. :)

    Happy New Year, Belinda (and Alex and Bella and pups)!

  6. I like the Calla Lilly one. Very cool!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Maidink--Nope, and he had a Dalmatian one, so I'm obviously disappointed. Best of the best to you and Geo and Dinks, too! I love you guys!

  8. Those are beautiful. Happy and healthy 2006 to you and your family and the menagerie.

  9. Doug and his dog are all over today!

    Love the artwork; know I will order some

    Belinda you have added so much to the blogosphere. Thank you, and Alex and Bella as I feel that I know them also.

    Everywhere I "go" people are "talking" about Belinda, and I can't help it; I feel so proud

    Made that joke about Doug but if any two people can bring peace to the world, you two can.

  10. Neato. I really like the colors and the artist creates a great sense of motion with the vibrancy of tone.

    I should get a chicken print for the husband. He was a 4-H kid and won prizes with his chickens, so I call him Chicken Boy.