Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Arbiter Of Good Taste

My husband, that is. Just now, scrolling through TiVo descriptions of upcoming shows, and happens upon an episode of "Cops."

Alex: "Oh, I have to watch this one."

Me: "Why?"



  1. what if its a naked dude who lost his wife beater while being roughed up? i mean, that is NOT good naked. well, maybe for alex... i dunno...

  2. It just don't get any more testosterone than that!

  3. WHO doesn't love a good episode of Cops? Especially with naked suspect!!! Is there anyting more American than that?!

  4. If it's any consolation, Belinda, I have to admit I do the same thing while waiting for a movie on HBO or Showtime to start.

    Oooooooo, violence and nudity? I wonder what it is?

  5. It reminds me of a dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb movie I saw once with Kirstie Alley, whose character lives in a trailer park with another woman and her daughter. The only memorable line was "Are we on COPS again?"

  6. i like the naked, drunk, super fucked up suspects who *actually smile for the camera*. yay cops! and stupid people! yay especially for the stupid people who sign the releases!!!

  7. Maidink--Yes, you gotta. Otherwise, just gotta.

    JenB--There is NEVER "good naked" on COPS. Never. And do you know what Alex is rooting for when they say "naked suspect in hiding?" He's going, "Bring out the DOG! Bring out the DOG!" Really, he's a fine man. I promise.

    Oh, Melissa, but it does. What are you, 5 months married? (Notice I'm relying on Miss Manners' rule that says I technically have one full year after your wedding to get you a present.) It gets worse.

    Britt and Doug--my friend David (linked on my sidebar as "They Tricked Us!) and I, back when he was living in Little Rock, in the Quapaw Quarter in that beautiful historically restored house, were talking on the phone one night. He said, "Hey, COPS is in Little Rock tonight!" I changed the channel and watched with him, as he exclaimed in increasing horror, "Hey, that's 2 blocks over, a high-speed chase!" "Hey, that's just down the street!" "HEY, THAT'S MY HOUSE!" He said when you see your house on COPS, that's when it's time to move.

    Dan--I admire you for your honesty, among other things. Single ladies, may I introduce Dan? Dan, Single Ladies. Among Dan's many fine qualities is the fact that he is highly snoggable.
    ;-) Seriously, if I were single, I'd be cyber-stalking Dan in a big way. And now that I think of it, probably Doug, too. Dave2 is too far away, and gone too much. Therefore my official cyberstalkee is JenB.

    Nita, I can't believe anyone EVER signs a release for that show...or lots of others!

    Sorry I've been in absentia the last few days--lots of stuff going on, and many computer problems. The laptop is having to go back to Dell, so no more comfy recliner-surfing for a while. :-(

  8. God, I wish they'd stop showing that episode with me in it!


  9. I have a movie ABOUT cops. And there is most definetly nudity in it.... but.... well... I doubt the hubby would wanna watch it


  10. laurie--this wasn't your episode. I'll set my TiVo to record that one, though.

    tony--you did the impossible: left Alex speechless. At least for a few seconds.