Tuesday, November 01, 2005

When The Princess Becomes A Pooh

So. Halloween. Bella was psyched beyond all reason, because the event involved DRESSING UP, and CANDY, and GRAYSON! It rained, naturally, but we braved the elements and began the very involved process of getting ready to go. This entailed me, with Bella, struggling for 2 hours with washing and blowdrying her crazy cowlick hair straight enough to put up, and applying tights, shoes, pettitcoat, dress, sash, capelet, tiara and FAKE HAIR, Which Bella wanted NOTHING to do with the moment she saw it. "I don't want dat hair! Noooo!" Without the fake hair, which her daddy had valiantly procured, on his own, from Sally Beauty Supply, with no noticeable loss afterward of testosterone, virility, body hair or belching capability, Bella's "princess" hairdo consisted of either a little bun the size of a walnut, or a thin ponytail that flopped around her head. These options do not a "princess look" make. But finally, she acquiesced, and her lady-in-waiting got her all prepared to greet her subjects and accept their sugary offerings.Behold, the wonder that is the Princess Ensemble lovingly HANDMADE by Grandmommy M. (Alex's mom)!! Take THAT, Disney!
The fake hair. I have to admit to feeling a shiver of Jon-Benet Ramsey-ish weirdness at this point, but it passed, because it was, after all, Halloween, and there was no makeup or any false teeth or scantily-clad sexy dancing involved.
Here began the demonstrations by Princess Isabella of Proper Princess Comportment. A true princess must be able to appear regal and thoughtful...as well as know when to employ a demure, shy, attitude...and when to play it coy.
And you never know--I mean, you just never, ever know, when an intense diplomatic brouhaha might be diffused by a well-timed regal rendition
of the "Electric Slide".
When it's time to depart, you summon your lady-in-waiting to bring your wrap,
give your courtly curtsy one last quick run-through, and call your footman to fetch you through the rain to your carriage, lest your dainty feet get wet.

Now, here is where things can go awry, even for the most well-behaved princess. As a rule, princesses are not patient, and ours is no exception. She and her entourage arrived at the home of Cousin Grayson, Aunt Andrea, and Uncle Chip, where some unanticipated (by her highness) WAITING occurred. Oops. This is when things began to go bad. We're all lucky to have escaped with our heads.
The first thing to go was the smile, and then the tiara. And then the fake hair. And then the ponytail. And then the petticoat, sash, dress, tights, and shoes. What we had at this point was a 3-year-old wearing nothing but a diaper, running in circles around my sister's living room and demanding to go trickatreating.

Fortunately, the women of this family are not only smart, we marry smart. Uncle Chip slipped off and quickly emerged with the Winnie-the-Pooh costume that Grayson had worn when he was two years old. It was deemed acceptable, and just in time, because I fear Darth Grayson was just about frustrated enough by trick-or-treating delay to light-saber our innards all over the living room.

We had to roll up the legs a little, but it worked, and got us out the door. Even as Pooh Bear, our Princess still had her faithful footman to escort her from door to door under an umbrella, while her lady-in-waiting lagged behind with the videocam and the Darth Dog. When we got back, there was pizza for everyone, and Aunt Andrea had found some warm, dry pajamas that used to fit Grayson eons ago, and everyone was happy again.

Bella loves her Aunt Andrea, and I. Love. This. Picture.
And we all went home "Happy Ever After."


  1. I arrived just in time to see the Royal Strip performed by my granddaughter. Can't say I blamed her after I saw all the layers of "ladyness" she was lugging around. Just as she was the most beautiful little princess ever, she was as cute a Pooh as her cousin Grayson was a few years ago. How I got these two beautiful, spirited, brilliant grandchildren is a secret known only by God, and I thank him continually for the gifts. Even though I kid a lot about how they neither have black hair or brown eyes like me, I secretly am so glad they have their Granddaddy Zane's blue eyes and blond hair. I love to look at these children!

  2. *COUGH, COUGH!!!* Daughters are PRESENT reading this, you know! As are sons-in-law!!

    I know what you mean, though. Cherokee to Viking in two generations...doesn't seem possible.

  3. I loved her smashing her little cheek against mine, and I thought it was going to be an adorable pic, but I am sorry -- it looks like Aunt Andrea is about to EAT her niece or something! What's wrong with me??

  4. Andrea in the picture is saying . . . "Look away! I've got the crazy eyes! BOO, Ya'll!" (Only Belinda and Alex will remember that one).

  5. Oh, it does not! It's adorable. You are your own worst critic. "BOO, y'all", indeed!

  6. Awww! You should have just mixed the costume and made Winnie the Princess or (going to for the easy gag here) Princess Poo!

    Either way, that sure is one adorable Lady/Princess/Bear.

    I bought $5 worth of candy and was graced with 1 damn trick-or-treater... and SHE was my neighbor and wasn't even costumed anymore! Her mom says she got hot in her costume and took it off down the street.

  7. why why why does your tale of halloween make me laugh and then cry?!?! DAMN YOU POODLE NUT, DAMN YOU!

    i could eat Bella in a dish with a cherry on top. she is SO CUTE!

  8. I agree with Bella, being a princess is too demanding and you have to wear all sorts of things that could be construed as embarassingly weird. Fake hair, indeed!

    But after all that work Grandma put into that dress. Perhaps you can frame it?

  9. Your kids (the princess and the poodle) are so adorable! I can't wait 'till next year when I get to dress my little one up.

  10. Now THAT is a great halloween story. Thank you.

  11. Bella looks so beautiful in her princess dress, she should wear it for some fancy party you guys go to...maybe for the holidays?
    It's funny you mention JonBenet cause looking at some of Bella's pictures I thought...hmm..she's photogenic and fun - she could do pagants. I forgot all about the whole underbelly of these kid pagants.
    Glad you had a happy Halloween!

  12. Excellent Halloween story!!!

    Toddlers and their unpredictability - you gotta love it!!!

  13. She was sooooo pretty!, but then with eyes like that, she's adorable in anything that doesn't cover them.

    My 11 yr old wants to be a princess next year after seeing those pictures. I told her only if she didn't expect it to turn into Pooh before we left!

    And nope, that is definitely not the "I'm going to eat you" face! You'll have to work harder on the scary face for next year Aunt Andrea! ;)

  14. Bella is so beautiful, and so lucky that her childhood is going to be preserved for her grandchildren (knock on wood) in a blog and pictures. The videocam is great too

    Think it will be a wonderful way of showing a child her mom's childhood

    And I want the Princess outfit; I really do

  15. Pia, I'll ask Lynette if she can do grown-up sizes, could be a cottage industry! Heh. She says she has two more dresses cut out, waiting to be sewn. Bella will have dress-up fun for years!

    Erin, my sister is goony and always thinking she looks different from her reality, which, obviously, is gorgeous.

    VG--even if her daddy and I were so inclined (we're not), Bella would never put up with all that pageant hoohaw and hours of practicing and wearing fake teeth and hair and full makeup...we've been told several times she'd be ideal for print advertising, but again, we just don't see her following instructions!

  16. If Bella had come to my door in that princess dress and done the Electric Slide, I would have tipped the entire candy bowl into her bag and turned off my light!

    Nathan wore the same costume as Grayson, but without Darth Poodle. I KNEW we were forgetting something!

    P.S. She is also adorable as Pooh Bear and I bet it was a very warm and cozy costume.

  17. When Grayson was 2, and he went as Pooh Bear, carrying his "Hunny Pot", I had another black standard poodle, Niko, who went with him dressed as a giant bumblebee. It was hilarious. The costume was stuffed so his body was really round, he had wings and antennae, and his black pointy tail stuck out of the back just like a stinger (except it wagged)! My friend Michelle had made it for her kids and modified it for a dog to wear. Grayson was so excited, that at every door, instead of "Trick or Treat", he said, "LOOKA MY BEEEEEEE!"

  18. Now there is a real princess!

    (and a cute pooh, too)

  19. Oh My Gosh. You really know how to do Halloween, Belinda. This is such a cute Bella princess story and your puppy sidekick to boot. I am truly in awe. Our little story is so much shorter. :)