Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We Speak The Same Language, Why Aren't We Communicating?

This evening, after getting home from work (YES! I WENT TO WORK!):

Alex: "Did you wash my blanket?"*

Me: "What?"

Alex: "Did you wash my blanket?"

Me: "Did you ask me to wash your blanket?"

Alex: "I set it on top of the washing machine--that's what that means!"

Me: "What?!?"


Alex: "Did you see that Delta got into all that trash in the kitchen during the night?"

Me: "Um, yeah...who did you think cleaned it up this morning?"

Alex: (blithely ignoring that query) "What was that trash doing setting out there where she could get it?"

Me: "You were supposed to take it out this morning--that's what it means when I set it out the night before."

Alex: "What?!?"

*"The Blanket" is a geezerly polarfleece/flannel number which he uses as a lap-robe in his recliner, and which makes him look like a sexy Mr. Rogers. See? The dog is just an auxiliary (and ubiquitous) lap-warmer.
CHANGING THE SUBJECT: And just now, for the forty-leventh time since we got married (which was just after the 2000 elections):

"Alex, Honey, PLEASE stop yelling at me about George Bush. I have nothing to do with him, did not vote for him, and hold no sway over him. Please join a political action group or start an angry blog."


  1. i cannot believe he let you post that photo. heee.

    but i suppose him letting you take his photo is IMPLIED consent. right?

  2. I started an angry blog. It feels really good to write. I highly recommend it!

  3. Congrad's on the day at was it?
    I concur, tell him to start an angry blog or read them - they helped me out after the 2004 election.

  4. I keep telling my husband to do the angry blog thing. Yesterday, after being stuck in a car with a couple of Rush Limbaugh fan-boy coworkers, he came home with a huge vein pulsing in his temple.

    "Next time, honey," I suggested, "Take separate cars."

    My husband usually cleans up the messes, but leaves the gushing wounds and nasty vet stuff to me.

    "Check Aries," he'll say calmly. I think he's bleeding again" Right. And you can't handle this, why?

  5. Jen, you better quickly tell him how cute he looks in his geezer lap robe with poodle, or I will be in BIG TROUBLE for posting photos without permission.

    C-that's what I'm saying!

    VG-It was OK..the first hour or so was rough, but after that it got easier. I think things will be just fine now. Apparently, Effexor is the med for me, clap-clap.

    Pat--if I were shut up in a car with dittoheads or whatever they're called, I'd be a drooling idiot after an hour. Of course, then I'd blend in with the others...

    Laurie--you have to send me your snail-mail address. Seriously. NOW. I have something for you.

  6. Amendment to Jen--HE DIDN'T. I had to edit him out because it apparently was not flattering enough. I asked him, "Has there been a photo taken of you AFTER the age of 17 that you find acceptable?" He said no.

  7. ROFL!!!

    I love reading the quips 'tween you and Alex.

  8. Aww.. you shouldn't have taking the photo off.. he looked so cute! (I really mean it. He's a good looking guy-but don't worry, I've got my own!)