Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tiny Shoe Fetish, The Buck Stops Here, and Do You Smell What The Dog Is Cookin'?

What do you do when you've finally completed the cardiac stress test that you stayed up all night and worried about, your little girl is sick and feels horrible, and you both just need a pick-me-up? Why, you go nuts and buy tiny shoes for said daughter, and then hold an impromptu runway show in the hallway.

In Other News...

OK...but even for Arkansas, your story sounds a little fishy to us. We think this is guy who needed either an explanation for a dead deer and a broken window, or that this was the best way he could think of to distract us from something much, much weirder. OR he was paid off by the Wal-Mart War Room to divert media attention in Bentonville.


And All He Had To Do Was COOK It. Once again, we miss out on a billion-dollar idea, with a veritable goldmine literally in our own back yard. *sigh*


  1. I LOVE the shoes!!!! They are TOO cute!

  2. Sorry, but I'm not grilling my steaks over dogshit. Just not gonna happen.

  3. I concur the deer story does sound come he just didn't open a window or shut the door and wait for animal control - why would you wrestle a deer....(cue the Psycho music).

  4. I love the tennies!!! I want a pair!

    Dang, girl, with all them poodles, you could've been seriously rich!

  5. with my hobbes, we could heat alaska!

    and i love the shoes. i already have tons of shoes for Rio when she gets older. LOVE.THE.SHOES!!!

  6. Cat, Laurie, & Nita--shopping for little-bitty girl shoes is soooo much more addictive for me than shoes for myself. They're just all so darn...CUTE! I could have come out with a dozen pairs inside of 5 minutes, easy. Oh, and BTW--the KEDS for this year for littl'uns--WOW!

    VG--I have in mind a scenario that involves at least one other person, and the phrases "hold my beer" and/or "hey, watch this." Remember the guy that doused himself with doe pheremones and then had his wife videotape him getting mauled nearly to death by a buck? AND SHE JUST KEPT TAPING?

    And yep, I can't believe we lost out on the patent for dog poo briquettes. Um, we could have baked them at your house, right Nita?

  7. SHOES always help!! I have 3 pairs of "Jeff got married and not to me" shoes.

    Whatever happened to out idea to market horse poop as dog treats?? We can still be rich and buy more shoes!!

  8. QUICK---Apply for the patent! If they can sell bull penises (peni?) for dogs to snack on, why not horse apples?