Wednesday, November 02, 2005

So Only My Family Will "Get" This, But...

PROOF POSITIVE that the current president is not a fraction of the man that my father was.


  1. Not Fair! We demand an explanation.

    Not that I'm arguing, mind you, but details are requested.

  2. All will be made clear in time...gotta give the family all a chance at a private smile and chuckle first, though. :-)

  3. A Timex? A frigging TIMEX? What a cheap bastard.

    I want to know the story, too.

  4. Not many men can measure up to Zane, what with his "many pockets". Guess George's dad never taught him how a real man always carries a pocket knife, either. Zane even had one confiscated at a Promise Keepers convention in Dallas (post 9/11). They "promised" he would get it back after the meeting, but they broke their promise(chuckle).
    Thanks for the smile, Honey!

  5. I have ingrown toenails that are better men than Georgie boy.

  6. That was a *really* expensive all-purpose brushed chrome job that got confiscated, too. I kinda doubt that a "Promise Keepers" rally would have been infiltrated with terrorists at that time, but whatever. Alex had to call me on his cell phone from the rally and tell me with great glee about Dad's "contraband" being taken. That was also the rally where they left before it was quite over, because the seats made their butts hurt.

    And Tony, don't be bringing images of your funky toenails into my reminiscences, mmmK? I know where you live...kind of. :-o