Monday, November 28, 2005

Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life

Setting: In bed, late at night, about to go to sleep:

Me: "Why do I smell hot dogs?"

Alex: "It's probably a brain tumor."


  1. And why as I sit here at 1:00am is the only thing I can think of is Arnold Schwarzenegger saying "IT'S NOT A TOOMAH" in the movie "Kindergarten Cop?"

    And now why is the only thing I can think of is wondering how in the heck I know how to spell Schwarzenegger?

  2. it was probably a husband fart.

    on occasion bear is consumed with smelling smoke. swears he smells it. checks everything in the house. THEN he chalks it up to a smoke molecule that has lodged itself in his nose.

    boys are weird.

  3. That's funny.

    It probably was a fart. Men.

  4. I'm going with the fart theory. Blech!

    But I must have a tumah because I woke up smelling kerosene and I'm the only one home. I have the doors and windows open wide just in case. Not that I'm paranoid or anything but...

  5. Funny...

    Except when my father-in-law started getting phantom smells, it was a tumor. Had surgery and the doctors did the "flip top head" thing to carve the TOOMAH out.


  6. crap. maybe it *is* a tumor and we're all laughing at you. sorry in advance if they have to shave your head and carve it out and we're giggly...

  7. It was very sister and I both have very sensitive noses, and I'm always smelling stuff that no one else (except Andrea) does, and there's usually a reason.

    Oh, and I DO have a brain toomah, sort's a small mass on my pineal gland, dead-center o' the brain, and they call it a "cyst", and tell me not to worry unless I start stumbling around a lot...HELLOOOO?? How would I know?

    You can giggle.

  8. I can think of plenty of worse things he could have said...

    And I'm pretty innocent.

  9. Well, Dan, now that you put it THAT way, I'm counting my blessings! And laughing.

  10. i'm voting for the husband fart. mine does it all the time. but since we are silly newly-weds (five years living together in feb 06), i think it's funny.

    but now i smell hot-dogs, too, and i'm at work. maybe you were just hungry?