Saturday, November 05, 2005

I Am Officially Unhip...

...or just old...or maybe I just have a brain. Because I admit, I used to think the Black-Eyed Peas were cool, and even when the songs had reprehensible lyrics, i.e. "Let's Get Retarded," I couldn't help smiling a little and then when they changed it to the radio-edit version, "Let's Get It Started," Bella and I would happily shout out the "HA!" in the chorus. She loved that song, and she was only 18 months old. That should have been a clue.

"Don't Phunk With My Heart" put them on shaky ground for me, but with "My Humps," it's torn. I'm sorry, Fergie, but I just can't respect anyone who sings about the bling she gets due to taking advantage of men's weakness for her "lovely lady lumps."

Watch at your own risk--30 seconds will do--and see if you don't feel an instantaneous I.Q. drop. Wow. This is just stupidity in one of its purest forms.


  1. oh, COMMON!! My hubby and I think that video/song is hilarious! Hee hee.. can't help but have it going on in my head.. "my humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps!" It's just fun, is all! (I think I would like it even more if *I* just had the hot lumps on the top and bottom, and not this "new" lump that my dear baby left me with)

  2. I dunno...I might have been able to forgive "lovely lady lumps" (good gosh, that's stupid, though), but the whole, "you get my lumps in exchange for money, goods and services" kind of reeks for me.

    But hey, I can't be too self-righteous...I spent plenty of time driving around bopping to "Let's get retarted..." How awful is that? Darn those peas and their hypnotic beats!

  3. It's too bad, because the video is well executed, everybody in it looks fantastic, but the lyrics are just so...wrong.

    And I just can't look at Fergie without thinking of that photo of her in concert where it looks like she wet her pants!

  4. Elizabeth--I KNOWWWW!!!!! Her people say it was "just sweat." Whatever. If it was, it was some highly concentrated crotch sweat!

    And you're right...I have really been a fan, they always look great, captivating hooks, and the beats are tight, but gee. You don't have to be Gloria Steinem, but have SOME female pride, huh?

    I like Outkast, too. :-)

  5. Why you gotta be hatin' the Black Eyed Peas? At least they're not N'Sync or that horrible Ms. Spears.

  6. I hate the Black Eyed Peas more than just about any pop crap coming out now, including Lindsey Lohan and Jessica Simpson. What the hell does that Asian guy do besides dance around looking like an axe murderer? And have you seen the pics of Fergie on stage after she peed her pants? So disgusting you can't even look at it without being grossed out.
    They are totally talentless, IMO.

    Belinda, I've got a great link for Bella. Show this to her and click on each of the horses, starting from left to right:

  7. Margalit, I'm so glad you found that link again! Bella would watch it forEVER when she was just a baby, and laugh and laugh! I could never find it once I lost it, what with the German and all.

    Paul--not hatin', just disappointed. The difference is that the Peas (or, as M. and E. pointed out, maybe that should now be the "Pees") used to make music. Brit-Brit never did.

  8. Ok, while I do agree that breasts are worth doing alot for, I just don't know about love lumps for cash...

    How about love lumps for massages or dinners or just kindness?

    Love lumps have gotten too expensive.

  9. Dan,'s "LOVELY LADY LUMPS". And they're highly overrated. And they get in the way all the time. If they were detatchable, that would be ideal. I would only put mine on for breastfeeding and formal wear.

  10. Gosh I have to listen to this song, my sister and cousins were talking about it this weekend. I like the Black-Eyed Peas cause they sang at the Democratic National Convention last year :-)

  11. The issue that I have is with Fergies nails in the video, is she Elvira or does she have daggers attached to her fingers. Although I do love the site of a woman rolling around on a pile of Louis Vuitton luggage I have to say that the song is completely ridiculous but much like a train wreck I can't EVER stop singing it once it gets in my head. HORRIBLE!!!

  12. I wouldnt feel so bad about listening to it, except, as a child of the 80's, I recall Fergie when she was Stacy on Kids, Inc. And watching her gyrate just makes me feel dirty.

  13. i know nothing about this band, but i've heard the song on the radio. i thought my sister was kidding when she said the lyrics were originally "let's get retarded."

  14. When I was a teenager--centuries ago--was in love with a group that sang about pushing drugs in school yards. Still get teased about it, by people who knew me in high school

    Part of the allure was that the stores wouldn't keep their records out front and you had to ask for it

    So I'm torn by the whole subject.

    Made my best friend stop singing to Eimeneen (sic) when her daughter hit 11 on the premise that teens, and 11 is sorta, need their own music.

    But on the other hand I do find the lyrics in this song gross, and I would point that out--once--to a teenage girl--and then let her listen

    Sorry hung up on the whole subjects of teenagers and boundaries because now she's almost 15.

    Her father isn't really involved anymore as he seems to think divorce means divorcing the child--except for an expensive trip to Europe, and being a single parent is probably the hardest job that there is in the world

    So she asks me for advice. Her daughter is great, and calls her mom for advice at least ten times a day--love cell phones. She still listens; she knows right from wrong--but so many things can happen!

    Sorry Belinda didn't mean to go off onto my own rant but I've been pondering this all, and don't know how comfortable I feel writing about it since the mother and sometimes the daughter read my blog

  15. Yep, Pia, that's what I mean about getting old. When I was 11 or 12, I woulda just danced to it. I remember buying the record "Undercover Angel" at that age and giving my mom a heart attack. I had no clue what it meant. And my sisters's favorite song to belt out at the top of her lungs at age 6 or so was, "DO YOU WANNA MAKE LOVE, OR DO YOU JUST WANNA FOOL AROUND?" We tried not to make an issue of it.

    I didn't develop the sensitivity to the whole objectification and bartering of women until I was well into my teens. And that didn't stop me from listening to Sir Mix-A-Lot or Ice-T, so what can I say?