Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hair Of The Dog?

I have a friend down in Australia who loves to "collect" websites that offer useless baby here's my first entry in what may well be a series of the most useless products I've ever seen marketed toward dog-owners. "Happy Tail Ale" is basically beef-flavored malted barley-water. There's nothing harmful about it, and for a dog on a typical commercial diet, could even be a beneficial supplement. Here's an idea...give your dog some meat to eat. It's kind of what they were made to consume anyway, but that's a separate rant of mine.


  1. I would buy that. I don't drink myself, but I don't mind sitting back for a cold one with the dogs.

  2. Oh, my. My Greyhound is odd enough without hitting the sauce.

    I wonder if they make beer for horses. The Nikster could use some "mellowing." Of course, with my luck, he'd be an obnoxious [1100 pound] drunk.