Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Gotta Love Greg

He condenses, crystallizes and expresses the issue that squashes my brain too perfectly. Either I think too hard, or not well enough, but I could never have put it this simply.


  1. Hello Belinda! You're one of the best natural writers around--read your first sentence

    I keep on struggling with all the issues involved, and how too many things have become interconnected

    For a very long time I have felt disconnected from the Democrats; I have voted Republican on more than one occassion--really

    But today I feel a certain pride in the Democratic party for finally doing something

  2. Because I've always been an unabashed environmentalist, I've had a tendency to vote Democrat at least part of the time. What's interesting, is that up until, oh, a decade ago, I found that liberals also irritated the snot out of me. Particularly the "no one is to blame," entitlement sort of attitude possessed by some.

    But ever since Reagan, I've slid farther to the Left. So much so that I now find myself with the peculiar "liberal" label. Reagan's reign marked the beginning of the party's slide into ultra-fundamentalist Christian control.

    In the last election, my father-in-law, a life-long fiscal conservative voted for Kerry. He is sickened by what has happened to his party: The war mongering and xenophobia; the blatant corruption; the hubris of an Administration that seems driven by "an anything at all costs" mentality.

    I share his revulsion and sometimes, I fear for my country.