Monday, November 14, 2005

Flatter Me

I lean over to give my still-on-the-mend husband a gentle, lingering kiss. To show my love, you know. I got lotsa love. He pushes me away feebly, saying, "Oh, I'm starting to feel nauseated."

Um, you're welcome?


  1. Sounds like my house. :)

    Sorry about the house, but i think your right that when house hunting you need to keep the "it wasn't meant to be" mentality. Either that or do a lot of crying.

    Take care

  2. hmmm,I always look on the bright sid eof things so ill have to say that hes only trying to protect you from catching whatever the hell it is he has.remember that old saying,cause I dont..But its meant to make you feel better anyway.:)

  3. I think he was seriously trying not to puke on me--which, you know, I appreciate.

  4. Hey, I just thought I'd write you a note to tell you that I'm figuring out how to add counters and stuff to my blog. It's going well! hee hee

  5. Oh, good, since I totally forgot to send you my template. :-0

    It's the middle of the dad-gum night, girl! I'm monkeying with my template, too...notice any subtle (the only kind I know how to make) changes?

  6. I see that you no longer take COMMENTS, you want us to sing now. Tra la tra la.

  7. Ok, I gotta ask... What was he doing when you kissed him?

    'Cause if I'm busy I don't be wanting any kissy face until I'm done with whatever I'm doing.

    Nothing against kissing or nothing, but men have this inane need to be focused on a single thing at a time. Not right or wrong, just the way we are.

    Then foot in mouth disease kicks in and we say something stupid.

  8. He wasn't doing anything. I think (hope) that he was actually feeling sick, and just picked the worst possible time to mention it. Although you are correct about the focus thing. I've had him actually DODGE me when he's "honed in" on something, and boy, is that a self-esteem killer!

  9. Yes, in fact I did notice some changes! Very cool! But I'd like to point out that your time zone is two hours ahead of mine, so, although it WAS late when I posted, it wasn't nearly as late as it seems!

    Ps. I noticed you made changes, but I also noticed that you didn't add me to your blog roll.. Not that I mind.. but you know.. it makes me a little sad.. *sniff*

  10. Celena, I'll get to it, I promise. I like your blog, and your cute little face, and your cute family, and...well, your cat scares me. He knows more than he's tellin'. I nearly cried when the chickens had to go. :-(

    My blogroll is through Bloglines, and right now I'm trying to reconfigure it with the titles *I* want, instead of what the feeds give you...working on it!

    I'm going to remove a couple as well...ones that don't post often and that I don't read much any more.

    In the meantime, go register at The Truth Laid Bear! It helps us all as we cross-link to each other, and it's fun! Link in my sidebar.

  11. LOL Bless your heart!

    *UN-nauseated kiss on the cheek*