Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Fascinating Physiology Of The Male Brain

This one's an oldie but a goodie...and I still don't want to have surgery under the urinals.

In Amsterdam, the tile under Schiphol Airport's urinals would pass inspection in an operating room. But nobody notices. What everybody does notice is that each urinal has a fly in it.

Look harder, and the fly turns into the black outline of
a fly, etched into the porcelain. It improves the aim.
If a man sees a fly, he aims at it. Fly-in-urinal research
found that etchings reduce spillage by 80%.
It gives a guy something to think about.


  1. Golly, we're simple animals aren't we.

  2. You know what? I think that you guys REALLY want us to believe that, and go to great lengths to preserve the myth, but I don't believe it for a second. Example: My husband asking me where every single thing he takes out of the dishwasher goes, even though he's lived here for 6 years. The idea being, I'm sure, that I will stop asking him to help me out of sheer frustration.

  3. Greg, my mister, does this wonderful thing.

    Him- "Is Happy allowed to have that piece of paper?"

    Me- "If it's not a dog toy, he can't have it."

    10 minutes later...

    Him "Is Happy supposed to be eating a shoe?"

    Me- "If it's not a dog toy, he can't have it."

    10more minutes pass...

    Him- "Will it hurt him to eat a deck of cards?:

    Me- "If it's not a- I give up! Yes! Yes, he can have it! Isn't it obvious that decks of cards are for puppies to eat?"

    Him- "You don't have to yell about it, I was just asking."

    (Hi, Belinda!)

  4. OMG, Erin!!! Alex does the EXACT same thing with our daughter!! Would you like me to translate for you?

    Greg: "Erin, get that paper away from Happy, because I don't feel like getting up."

    "Erin, Happy's chewing a shoe. Take it away from him so I don't have to."

    "Erin, save that deck of cards from Happy because I'm comfortable where I am."

    "I was just asking," indeed. Do they think we are stupid???

  5. You want to hear something really depressing? This behavior starts out very early in life for young males of the species. My son is only 13 but has totally perfected it long ago. Drives me apeshit. But I have trained him to put the frigging seat down when he pees. I think that's evolutionary progress. Right?

  6. Belinda, no offense to your husband but if he thinks that will work, he is simple.

    The urinal reminds me of when I worked in the kitchen of a restaurant and we hung these fly strips with pictures of flies on them so the flies would think it was safe to land there. I thought we were outsmarting them. Turns out it was a tie.

  7. I love the new foam flushable targets you can buy for potty training boys.

    We're neat-o.

  8. Doug, he KNOWS I don't buy it, and he does it with a wicked glint in his eye, hoping to wear me down. The frequency with which it works is a testament to how simple *I* am!

    Dan--what, Cheerios aren't good enough any more?

  9. hahahaha Belinda, my gosh that makes all the sense in the world!
    I've heard of the Cheerios, but flushable toys? Damn, boys get to have all the fun!

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