Friday, November 25, 2005

Family--Our Two Thanksgivings

Uh...First of all: Bella's GREAT-Grandmother, y'all. That's my Grandmom. Hopin' for those genes.

And Mom. Again, the genes. I think I already look older than this.

The BIL, Sis, and Nephew. Eh, I have her genes. Just wish I had her metabolism. Dang. I swear, she was a fat baby.

Never underestimate the power of the recessive genes, either. You've seen me, you've seen my mother, and you've seen my sister and her husband. Now, behold our Nordic children, with the blonde hair and blue eyes.

And the next day, in another part of the state, we ate and frolicked with Alex's family. And voila, another bunch of Viking children. Bella got much attention from her Dallas cousins, who allowed her to boss them around mercilessly. She instructed everyone on how to play Monopoly--here with Cousin Anne and Aunt Alison;

She advised her poor cousin Sam on proper headgear (bless his heart, he willingly wore that Goofy hat for most of the afternoon at Bella's insistence)--pictured clockwise from the left, cousins Will and Sam, Grandmommy Lynette, Anne, Alison and Bella;

And she "helped" Will build a house of cards...repeatedly. These are some lovely, good and patient young people, these cousins. We love them.

On the way home, exhausted and well-fed and happy (Alex's mom pulls off a mean dinner), I thought of JenB as we passed through one of the little towns between there and home, and that maybe this would cheer her up. I also attempted, but was too slow, to capture the "Welcome to Bald Knob" sign on film, but I know she'd have appreciated that as well.


  1. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Is Possum Grape a town? I saw a possum running across the street last night. Those things are nasty. You should look up how to say them in spanish, it's a funny word.
    Your little girl, OH, I just want to squeeze her! But it sounds as though everybody wants to squeeze her! And what good sports her cousins are to let her boss them around. That's what family is for!
    I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday. I hope you have a nice rest-of-the-weekend.

  3. Yes, it's a little-bitty town! Most of my life, I assumed that the term was the equivalent of "rabbit pellet", but no, it is an actual variety of hardy grapevine. Live and learn.

    We also have a town called "Toad Suck" not far from here. That's my fave.

  4. Man, I know I said this before but you and your sis really favor. You're not twins, right?

  5. honestly. i love you.

    blad knob. tee hee.

  6. Loved the pics... dang, you do have good genes in your family! Everyone looks so young, and they are grandmothers?

    And where is your picture, Belinda?


  7. Good looking family! Hope you had a great one, Belinda.

  8. The women in your family are SO beautiful. No wonder Bella is so pretty! Hmmm... you know I JUST for the first time thought about the translation of her name... how perfectly appropriate :)

  9. oh it sounds like a such a nice Thanksgiving. I'm envious of Bella, clearly everyone loves her to bits (as they should!)!

  10. So much LOVE is felt in those photos. You are a lucky family. :)