Monday, November 21, 2005

Fall Cleaning And Fashion

Bella dressed herself today. And she's getting better at it--the days of ensembles consisting of one shoe, a diaper, a ball cap, safety goggles and a purse are getting fewer and farther between. Sadly. Anyway, here was today's outfit:

She's actually very good at coordinating. Note the leopard-print trim on both the jeans and the jacket (which MUST, a la "Rain Man", be zipped up ALL the way, with the hood up, at ALL times), and cute black Mary Janes. There's only one tiny problem with this get-up, and that is that (whispers) she's not wearing a shirt. I guess if you never unzip your jacket, that's not a problem.

Now on to fall cleaning. How much of this you do depends on your level of devotion, and how much time you have on your hands, I suppose. As I was unloading the dishwasher this morning, I noticed something dark-colored in that little bin in the silverware caddy--you know, the one that has a lid on it, so you can wash small parts and lids of sippy cups and the like, which would otherwise get thrown around in the dishwasher during the cycle? Well, I opened the lid, and found this:Me: "Bella, did you put this leaf in the dishwasher?"

Bella: "Yes. It was dirty."

The moments that cause you, as an adult, to go "DUH" in the face of the perfect logic of a 3-year-old are truly priceless. Treasure them.


  1. Sadly enough, at ages 9 and 6, the Things are still working on this kind of logic.
    It never ends...

  2. oh my goodness! that's hilarious!