Sunday, November 06, 2005


Seriously. Tonight. 10:00 p.m. CST. Cartoon Network. [adult swim]

The genius of Aaron McGruder's creation, "The Boondocks" goes from print to animation with its debut episode, "The Garden Party" tonight. I, for one, am ridiculously excited, having looked forward to this debut since last year.

Bon Voyage in your newest venture, Aaron. I wish you much success. I also wish there were more like you. A lot more. You rock.


  1. i love that strip. that dude is brilliant!

  2. I love that strip too - and I had no idea that it was coming to tv! Thanks for the tip!

  3. He got a write up in Newsweek and also a segment on a Sunday morning news show. I didn't know much about him until then.

    They call him the "angriest black man..." but in my mind, he's simply outspoken. In a funny, biting sort of way. Kinda cute too, in the weird, long-faced way that I dig.

    Sometimes I wish I had cable tv. I imagine it'll be out on DVD soon enough, though.

  4. Pat--yeah, usually the [adult swim] shows are released immediately following the end of the season.

    I have all Aaron's books, and one of the first online BBs I ever participated in was the one that used to be on the Boondocks website years ago.

    Also, I haven't had the pleasure of the daily strip for several years because our extremely conservative state daily paper dropped it as "too controversial." They also moved "Doonesbury" to the classifieds. A pox on them.

    When you listen to him, he really *is* angry, but righteously so, IMO.

    The pilot episode was a little stilted, but has promise. You can tell that he's influenced in animation style by Japanese anime. I expect it to get better over time (the animation). I'll definitely stick with it.

  5. Belinda, almost all comics are on line now, and you can get "Boondocks" sent to you in email at

    I no longer get an actual touchy-feely paper, but I don't miss my favorite cartoons, either. I needs my "Doonesbury," I do.

  6. Boondocks is one of the few funny strips left in our local papers since the retirements of Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes.

    I've been seeing the previews for the episode tonight, and I'll probably end up trying to catch it. Good call on reminding us though, I might have forgot!

  7. This is why I need to get cable. I have such a crush on Aaron McGruder, and his comics are dead brilliant.

  8. Supa: Agreed--on the brilliance AND the crush! Although I can't quite get over what a *baby* he is...when I first heard of him, he was barely legal.

    BTW, please be my friend. After you finish up with JenB, what say you give a clueless less-than-supa-sista a hand, here? Much bribery in the form of your choice will ensue.

  9. Oh, and if you check the website, they're re-running the episode at various times all week. ;-)

  10. I thought it was actually a very funny show... the grandad was hilarious. It shows real promise and it's a good follow-up to Family Guy and American Dad! :-)