Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Blog Find Of (My) Week

The Dilbert Blog

I don't know how I missed its introduction, but I have always found Scott Adams to be an intelligent, entertaining read, and he absolutely will not let anyone get away with sloppy logic. In these times, that's something to be treasured. If you haven't read his books, do. They're so much more than just cartoons (not that there's anything wrong with cartoons--I love cartoons).

And the hundreds of comments on his posts are almost always a discussion worth reading. Just a great find, altogether. Enjoy.

And just to tie it all back to Scott's cartoons, I found one panel that I think sums up SO much of personal blogging, and especially political commentary, these days:


  1. I love Dilbert - now that I work in a cubicle office with micromanging and the odd-ball characters, so many of those strips are dead on! Thanks for the blog tip, I'll have to check it out.

  2. Dilbert is da man!

    That cartoon is funny - and very true!

  3. So I read a bunch of your archives last night. Mostly 'cause I couldn't figure out how old your kidlet was, and I thought you MAY have written it SOMEWHERE. I found her age on a picture she drew of her daddy.

    I had a bunch of comments I wanted to leave, but I knew if I left them all in the appropriate places, that you'd never find them. So, here goes..

    ~"Milk" as an endearment! I almost pissed myself.
    ~"I didn't want peaches!" geez!
    ~What a lucky two and a half year old to get her own pony. Grr.. I love her and envy her at the same time.
    ~I think it's ok that you still miss your dad. I've never known anyone close to me that has died young, but I know it took me almost two years to get over a BREAKUP!
    ~I want to come live on your farm.
    ~I don't know if you still have the problem or not, but you should be nice to that cute little goat.
    ~it's too bad that racoons are so darn cute. And how dare you send them over to the CHICKENS! THEY EAT CHICKENS!
    ~How ironic that your Myrtles got chopped down.
    ~Why don't you stay at your house, but build an addition?
    ~You're very lucky to have such a lovely family and good in-laws
    ~Aluminum panties are HOT. And you could say your personal reason for wearing them would be because your husband wanted you to, and you'd do anything for him (like make him dinner in the middle of the night and get him peaches)

    Maybe when I read Sept and the beginning of Oct, I'll write more comments.. oops.. I think I just remembered that your doll just had her third birthday in October.. hmm... I didn't have to read that far back afterall! (she looks older, so that's why I was confused)

  4. Someday I'm going to find the Calvin and Hobbes' about superhero underwear and post that! It's truly amazing indeed where you can find nuggets of truth.

  5. Little bit of office politics and culture that ring true. Love it. Peace and grace.