Saturday, October 15, 2005

World Poodle Wrestling Federation Smack-Down

Today in the WPWF, Central Arkansas Chapter:

It started off as a small skirmish; a cocky young pup getting a little too aggressive with his mom.

But a reinforcment came in swiftly, and the already uneven playing field became even more lopsided. You can see the two seasoned WPWF veterans circling the young upstart like hungry raptors, locking eyes with each other and planning their next move...

...and it's not looking good for the young challenger. He seems to have bitten off more than he can chew! OH!

Oh-HO! What's this? Ladies and Gentlement, another combatant has apparently tagged herself in, and she is obviously way above the middleweight class, here! This could get ugly FAST!

Whew! All right, it appears the officials have stepped in on this situation, and the interloper is departing the ring peacefully, as our reigning champions push the feisty-but-overmatched challenger ever further into the ropes.

Well, folks, it looks like it's all over but the shouting. The challenger is down, and showing NO signs of even trying to get back up. Our spunky little instigator is going to have to head back to the gym for quite a while before he'll be ready to even attempt to take on these Gorgeous Poodle Ladies of Wrestling! Ouch! He'll be feeling this in the morning, I'll betcha!

Disclaimer: No actual poodles or people were harmed in the photographing of this episode. A couple of toddler-size sneakers did get knocked around a bit, though, and there was some residual slobber, mostly on J.T.


  1. Cute, and I'm sure it was a well-deserved wompin' he got...

    I guess because I've been in this so long, my reaction as the pictures were loading was "Oh, God, no, they're SPITTING on his neck coat."

    A quarter-century of growing hair will do that to you.

    Then again, they do need civilizing every once in a while, and I doubt his spirit suffered one single bit.

  2. What a cutie, trying to take on the big'uns. YOu're so lucky to have so many lovely poodles. A dream come true for me.

    You probably need to edit this post to pull down a couple of the pics so the commentary can be read. Yeah blogger!

  3. Sue, I was actually thinking of you when I was taking the pictures, knowing they'd be incriminating for me in The Court Of Show-Poodle Hair Maintenance. And yes, he was liberally slobbered about the head and neck. But lived to tell the tale, and is already itchin' for a rematch. We told him it was his last hurrah until he brings home the title, though. Hopefully it'll happen quickly.

    M--I haven't had ANY real problems with Blogger yet, except those caused by my own limitations with html. I'm frightened by everyone's horror stories, though!

  4. Oh, and you just let me know when you're ready for one, and I'll make that dream come true--at least between Sue and I, we ought to be able to!

  5. the though of any dog with those haircuts laying a "smack down" is just too much for me. it looks more like a slappy fight in a drag bar even though i know that is not the case. poor dogs and their efeminate hairdos.

    *waits to be dissed*

  6. Well, they obviously don't have their smack-downs while they're IN DRAG, do they, Brain-Trust?

    Sheesh. Some PEOPLE.

    Oooooh, and I got the most wonderful pressies today! Bella FREAKED at that dress and I have a picture of her passed out on the floor in it that I'll have to post. She would not take it off, and it caused a huge row at bedtime, which is, of course, what you had in mind. I will be emailing you proper thanks. Hey, it's my birthday now!


    Wish I could get my act together and send that damn book, which is sitting in my backpack that I lug about day to day.

  8. Came to your blog for the poodles, stayed for the wonderful writing! I loved the pix and poodle adventures in the past two days. I want to send you my calendar as a belated birthday treat!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY crazy poodle lovin' southern bap soap makin' lovely lady!

    glad to have you as my friend.

    thanks to your mom for bringing you around. :-)



    how fortuitous that your package arrived today. i can pretend i meant to do that.0.

  10. Once again I seemed to have missed a whole day of blog reading, so happy BELATED birthday! And thanks for showing us "When Poodles Attack"-I mean, Poodles on Parade!

  11. what gorgeous dogs - the pics are great, and made me smile!

    I used to show Standard Schnauzers in my pre-kid days and had a lot of fun with that.

    How many dogs do you have?

  12. Right now there are seven. That's right, seven. Thank God (like Schnauzers) they don't shed. Do you think you'll ever get back into it? Do you still have any as pets. I know lots of people who left the show scene when kids came along, only to rejoin it later.

  13. Seven! Yikes! But fun, too :-)

    I still have my male, aka my "first baby", who is now 9 years old.

    I may get back into it someday, we'll see.

  14. JT needs his sister to play with!

    Or maybe I should send Danica back to Arkansas so your Gorgeous Women of Poodle Wrestling can teach her some manners. My own version of the GWPW are woefully inadequate and inconsistant since they reached "old poodle" status.

  15. Yes, J.T. and Dani together your goal is bald necks and no topknots for January? Methinks we best keep them separated!!