Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Seriously--I wanna know! I'm loving this new Frappr beta they're testing, and I get a real kick out of looking up my site's stats and seeing where people are from. It's just so exciting, and it "shrinks" the world and brings us all closer together in some weird, geeky way. So PLEASE...next time you stop for a visit (meaning right now, because look, you're already HERE already!), take a minute to click on the Frappr logo, top right, and stick a pin in your geographical location, wouldja? For me? Stroke my inner nerd. I started with my own pin, so just please add your own, at your leisure...but SOON! ;-) I have it set up as a world map, because
I do get visitors from all corners of the globe, but if you like you can manipulate the map and zoom in and out, east/west. north/south.

Bonus points for shout-outs and pictures, but they are not mandatory. Extra bonus points if you are from some exotic locale that would drive me mad with jealousy. Super bonus points if you're within 5 miles of me and I didn't know it. I love you, Internets! I know everyone SAYS it, but I really MEAN it.

Update--y'all have no idea how much I am loving this. Keep it coming! I have one tiny additional request: If you have a blog that I have never visited, please leave a comment so I can find your online presence (unless you're part of the Shadow Government, in Witness Protection, or are one of the Men In Black)!


  1. Oh noes! It IS a small world... just you and me on the earth. :-(

  2. Dave--it just shows that you were the only other nutball up in the middle of the night. Must be all that jetlag. I love that you live in a place called "Cashmere." Mmmm.

    Virtual smooches to people who actually posted pics of their poodles instead of themselves--I'm cracking up! Two of my favorite comments: "cockapoos rock" (betcha don't hear that one often), and "no pesos here."

    And HOLY CRAP!!! Did everyone check out the smokin' hot blogger babe that is LAURIE? Whoa! She's my new girl-crush, totally.

    Michelle--frozen tundra, already?

  3. Erin and Gigi...STAY AWAY from the Hampton Inn they're building in Raleigh!!

    Kari--Pleasant Plains? Cool! Do you have a blog?

    And so many others I haven't formally "met"...fun!

  4. Danica left her pawprint from her expen in Shelby County, TN.

  5. me and my beagles left our mark in parkton, md.