Wednesday, October 12, 2005

They Fall Like Jewels From His Lips, His Words...

Actual Quotes from my husband over the last 24 hours:

"I think the person driving the Pathfinder bus gave me the finger!"

On a cyst/nodule in my upper arm that I've been forever putting off having the dermatologist remove: "When are you going to have that thing taken care of--when it starts talking?"

Arguing over who was going to get out of bed to turn down the thermostat: "I can't do it. I've got the--that...butt thing!"

On our way into the shrink's office (him this time), observing an elderly couple, the wife helping the husband out of the car, and with his walker, etc..., in discussing which one of us will be taking care of the other one when we get old: "Oh, who are we kidding? We both know that it won't be too many years before I'm pulling you around in a wagon." (That's right, a wagon. Apparently I will not only be enfeebled in this future, I won't even rate a Hoveround.)

On the way out of the shrink's office, (where we saw someone who was not our regular doc), when I commented, "Hey, we got complimented on our 'good marriage' and what a good partnership we've worked out!": "Pretty observant of them, wouldn't you say?"

On the announcement the birth of Sen. Jim Bob Duggar's sixteenth child, regarding the Mrs.: "Wow, when they got married, he must have really dug her. GET IT? Dug. Her. Duggar. Get it?"

On discussing my need to get out and pick up Andrea's birthday gift (the homebound don't do a lot of shopping): "Oh, I took care of that. I got her a present." Skeptical look from me, and the question, "Oh, yeah, what?" "Umm...I got her...(in lilting voice) a pretty little blouse." Then snickers at himself.

And while this isn't strictly conversation in the conventional sense, it was self-expression. Lying in bed, looking at me thoughtfully, then squints his eyes, sticks out his tongue a little, makes the pulling-down motion with arm and fist, of a semi-driver blowing an air-horn...and farts loudly. Then winks at me. Yes, this is the same man who quotes Shakespeare.

At the very least, he amuses himself, my husband...and I'm often hiding my face and laughing against my better judgement, because I know it only encourages him. Head-case update: I'm feeling better since backing off the Zoloft, and it was a big day for me being out and around so much without any anxiety. When I got home, hit me. I just had to pretty much lie down. Still recovering today, which is weird. Alex got a minor adjustment in a med, and something stronger to help him sleep. His sleep is absolutely paramount to his well-being, so we try to really make it a priority. He is getting to be very good at recognizing and anticipating any cylcing, and being proactive about getting it nipped in the bud. I'm very proud of him. I wish I were doing as well right now, but I am getting better. I know I will be back at work, and in the real world, next week. I can feel it when I say my prayers. My next appointment with Dr. O. is in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I have the echocardiogram and stress-test to either rule out or confirm any heart problems. I also got to see Dr. W. for some much-needed grief therapy, and he gave me HOMEWORK. Sheesh. Between the two of us, Alex and I had $300 worth of mental healthcare today, so we should be the sanest people you know! At least right now. If you see me out and about, say "hi", but don't make a big deal about it, or I might run home screaming.


  1. I'm so glad to see you being able to get out and about again!

    Nice photo of Alex!

  2. Oh, Alex is HOT. And so funny. I'd keep him if I were you.

    As for your bet that you must be the sanest people I know because of all the therapy, you don't even come close to our family. You're a rank amatuer. DD has therapy weekly, DS has therapy twice a week (once inschool and once out of school), I'm a once a weeker, we also have family therapy once a week plus a homebased family worker 2x/week. And then DS and I both have psychopharms. There are weeks when we have a therapy appointment every single day. And we're relatively healthy!

  3. He's funny. Good to hear you are well, too. I pray your heart is fine.

  4. Glad to hear you're doing better, and it's really true that laughter is the best medicine. See how much you NEED Alex to do those silly things? At least he farts outside the covers, and doesn't hold your head under and then fart. :-)

  5. Margalit--YOU WIN! How do you have time for anything else? Wow! Yes, you should all be very well-adjusted.

    digi--Thank you. All prayers welcome and accepted.

    Michelle--Who says he doesn't? I think he calls it a "dutch oven". Classy.

  6. I'm so glad to hear you are doing have such a healthy attitude towards the depression, I'm impressed. From what I read, I think it will never control you (which it did me at one time).
    I love your husband's quotes, laughed out loud at my desk, which explains why my co-workers are looking at me like I'm a loon :-)

  7. Better to be looked at as IF you are a loon than to be one, though, eh? ;-) I like you so much!

  8. Dutch oven?

    Well, there goes his "hottie" reputation.

    I mean, reaalllly.

  9. Well, to be perfectly honest, he has only *threatened* it so far. But he is the one I learned the terminology from. He brings so much to the marriage.

  10. there is nothing sexier to me than a guy with a great sense of humor!

    sounds like your hubby is a gem :-)