Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Superman and Captain Kirk

Well, under the heading of "What are they thinking?" OR "Celebrities Is Crazy", Nicholas Cage and 20-year-old wife #3, have given birth to a son, and named him--what else--Kal-El. Yes, what you're thinking, especially if you were ever a comic-book geek, is correct. Kal-El, son of Jor-El, who, upon traveling as an infant from the planet Krypton and being exposed to the yellow sun of Earth, grows up to become Superman. Well, welcome to the world, Kal-El Coppola Cage. I wish you as few playground beatings, wet willies, wedgies, Indian burns and swirlies as possible.

Sequeing from comics to science fiction, I post this for no other reason than to give my husband, the Star-Trek (original series) fan, a case of the screaming meemies:

Click the picture to visit the original website, if you dare.

UPDATE: Alex has, quite seriously, declared a "boycott" of my blogsite until this "blasphemous" picture is taken down. He is searching high and low for a similar image of Angel and Spike with which to torment ME. If you see the bathing Kirk and Spock disappear, you'll know I've buckled to manly pressure.


  1. awesome. best acting by shatner EVARRRR.

    and, and, sorry i wouldn't translate the french. i can only handle so much...

    and, and, kal-el won't be getting any shit from say, banjo or apple. know what i'm sayin?! and people don't get 'rio'. at least it's a place!

  2. A "slash" site! (Slash - fan fiction that is about 2 characters x slash y - often homosexual, but not always).

    I do not know why celebrities give their children odd names. People might know who their parents are from the last name...but how many Apples, Ka-el's etc are there? I prefer celebrities that chose more common names like Matthew Brodericks's son James.

  3. I gotta tell you, the Girl is a HUGE Smallville fan, so I told her about Nicholas Cage's new son Kal-el and she says to me "I know a kid named Kal-el at school." like it's a normal name. Man, this new generation is SO screwed. Can you imagine trying to get a job with a name like Kal-El?

  4. I hate when people try to hard to be weird, like naming this kid this name (who btw I think is a little crazy in the head anyway). Its one thing if you have this deep back story about why you are naming the kid xyz name, but to me this all just reeks of publicity stunt. I predict this kid will end up either writing a confessional tell-all about his horrible childhood or as a "B" actor (I'm Nicholas Cage's son, whine whine).

  5. As the owner of if not an odd at least a rare name, Harley Britt, I have to admit that a lot of times you don't want to give up the first name. I don't think that anyone knew my first name in elementary school because I hung onto it like a closely guarded state secret. I wish the kid all the luck in the world. Sadly, I can't say that I wouldn't make fun of him, at least once.

  6. I'm more puzzled by what they are bathing IN rather than them bathing together.

    I mean, is that Diet Coke or what?

  7. HA!! I didn't even notice that, transfixed as I was on the homoerotic Star-Trek image. Gross! Husband is still not speaking to me about this issue, nor will he even look at my blog. Now's my chance to tell all his embarrassing secrets, but I suspect he's lying and checks it at work.

  8. Where is he searching, under the bed? You can't escape A/S slash ... it's probably surpassed K/S numerically, if anything, with hobbit slash a close third. (Though the sites do seem to move around a lot - lots of broken links.)

    NSFW!: http://www.my-immortal-beloved.co.uk/butts.JPG

  9. OMG, that is awful!! I didn't find any, either, and I looked. We didn't search UK sites, though, maybe that was our mistake. Who are K/S?

    Oh, and my previous comment--the "Gross!" was meant for the Diet Coke part, not the homoerotic part. Not that there's anything wrong with bathing in Diet Coke.

    I had no idea about "slash" sites. Why are they called that? I don't see the point, really, but I guess if you're just really obsessed?

    Just got to the part in the "Angel" reruns on TNT where Cordy's visions are really getting to her, and they've just brought Fred back from Pylea. Good times.

  10. K/S is Kirk/Spock, the quintessential slash from which the term "Slash" is derived. The point, the point, a very good question ... male-on-male slashfic is typically written/read by lesbians, so it's all odd, but hey each to their own.