Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sleep Montage--Birth To Present

Because the forty-leven pictures in the previous post JUST WEREN'T ENOUGH.


  1. I gotta ask. Are you drugging this child? She's always asleep. Love the photo of Daddy sleeping with the fishes.

  2. Belinda, you are KILLING me with this cuteness! She sure is a champion sleeper, it looks like she'll sleep anywhere, anytime.

  3. E & M...yeah, great about sleeping, anytime but bedtime, and anywhere but in her bed! Back in the days when we wore her a lot, either in the pouch or the Ergo, that was as good as knock-out drops. Unless you sat down and stopped moving!

    Thanks, Laurie--does she look like her dad poured her out of a can or WHAT?