Saturday, October 29, 2005

Rejected Halloween Costumes, And A Zane Story

These were all ensembles of her own design, and all from today:
Mad Scientist (observe Einstein-inspired hairstyle and safety goggles on top of head).
Half-Nekkid Ballerina... with Goggles?
Totally Nekkid Spelunker...With Goggles (note flashlight).
Half-Dressed (top half this time) Footman from "Cinderella"...With Goggles.
I had to play Cinderella while Bella put the "slipper" on my foot, pronounced it a perfect fit, then pointed out my prince in his recliner and told me to marry him "happy ever after."

My sister reminded me of a story I'd forgotten, from a Halloween a few years ago. Our church does this thing, as many churches around here do, called "Trunk Or Treat", in which church members park their decorated vehicles in the church parking lot and fill the trunks or hatches with candy, with an open invitation to children as an safer alternative to trick-or-treating at strangers' homes (I know, sad world, huh? No more homemade cupcakes or Rice Krispie Treats or caramel-corn balls in your treat bag. *sigh*)

Anyway, Dad loaded up with some great candy, but refused to decorate. He knew what the kids were there for--the CANDY. And of course, he had choice comments and proper responses to everyone's costumes--being impressed with the fairy princess' beauty, or properly frightened at the scary monster. This was in the early days of Harry Potter's popularity...maybe even before any movies--I'm not sure. So a boy shows up in a homemade Harry Potter costume, since there weren't any pre-made ones out in the stores back then. He had horn-rimmed glasses, some kind of cape, and possibly a scarf and/or the lightning-bolt birthmark. Zane regarded this kid for a little while as he chose his candy, and finally his curiosity got the best of him, and he asked the question.

"So, who are you dressed up as, Smart Dracula?"


  1. Haha! Hysterical, smart dracula. He really sounds like a hoot!

    So I'm due in seven weeks and we had finally decided on names: Breanna Brooke for a girl, and Donovan Quinn for a boy. Then I read yur tribute to your father and we changed our minds. If it's a boy, we're naming him Donovan Zane... if that's ok with you?

  2. Oh i love her costumes! What is the final choice? Such a great imagination.

  3. Oh, Erin---I would love it! All emotional attachments to it aside, it really is a great name, isn't it? His full name was Clyde Zane, but he opted for Zane at a fairly young age...understandably! According to my mother, he lobbied hard for "Zana" or "Zandra" for my name, and I have to say, in hindsight, they're kinda cool!

    "Donovan Zane" sounds awesome. He'd have to be a creative type wouldn't he?

  4. Oh, and I called my mom and told her about it, and she thought it sounded beautiful, and said, "In that case, I hope it's a boy!" :-

  5. Jess, she will definitely be a "princess", especially now that she has multiple outfits to choose from! I'm just hoping it's a fully dressed princess.

  6. You have to admire Bella's determination to find just the right costume to go with safety goggles!

    And Erin wanting to name her son after your Dad? Wow. That put a lump in my throat. People are awesome.

  7. Well, it's just a neat name. I had a baby brother who died in infancy of a congenital heart defect (one that would be NO problem whatsoever if he were born today). His name was Christopher Zane, and I just always thought that was lovely, as well. I always like the sounds of the words Erin strings together, and she knows a lyrical phrase when she hears one!

  8. Belinda~
    I'm so glad you and your mother are OK with it, I love the name, and your father sounds just like the kind of man I'd want my sons to become.

    For an added point of interest, I had a daughter who died of congenital heart defects 4 years ago, and this is my second child since her. My 2 yr old's name is Terra Celeste, loosely Latin for Earth Angel, and inspired by her sister's death. We had tried to come up with more names for this baby that held a similar meaning... I think Zane suddenly fills that desire too.

    I think, for a multitude of reasons, Zane is obviously the perfect name. Thank you both again for your permission, I'm thrilled!

  9. Belinda,
    You didn't tell that after Zane asked the little boy if he was "smart Dracula", The little kid screwed up his face like he was gonna cry and said, very indignantly, "NO! I'm Harry Potter!"
    I jumped in and reassured him that it was an excellent Harry Potter look he was wearing and not to pay any attention to Zane's harrassment. When I tried to shame Zane for giving the little boy a hard time, he just kept chuckling. He thought it was funny and that's all that mattered!

  10. I miss the homemade popcorn balls also, by the time I started trick or treating these things were pretty much being phased out...

  11. Bwah! "Smart Dracula." I think I have to um, borrow that for use in a vampire story somewhere. Hee.

    I miss the homemade popcorn balls also...

    I miss homemade costumes. Seems so many come from Wal-Mart and thereabouts. They're cute, but I really love seeing the ones that some mom or dad cobbled together with love. Aw, 'n stuff.

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