Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Popsicles And Heart Doctors

Flavored, frozen, sugar-laden juice could hype you up a little? NAAAAAHHHHH. We don't believe it.

Popsicle Power to the People, Baby!

And in other news, I went to the cardiologist today, Dr. A., young black man with a diamond stud in his ear, and I loved him. Very down-to-earth, must have skipped the day in med school where you learn condescension and arrogance. The whole point of this heart stuff is to determine whether I'm really having anxiety/panic that is causing heart symptoms, or if I'm actually having heart problems that cause me anxiety. It's a chicken/egg thing, but we'll be able to get to the bottom of it. They took blood today for a thyroid antibody panel, and I'll go back on the 18th for an echocardiogram, and then again on the 21st (Dad's birthday) for a stress test. When he discovered my mangled right foot (it really works OK, it's just not pretty anymore--I call it my "Frankenfoot" because it has some of my hipbone in it), he asked if I could walk on it for a distance. I said yeah, it works fine, just no inversion/eversion, so I can't balance on just it for very long. Then he asked me if I could run on it. I had to laugh, and said, "Well, the foot won't stop me, but if you want me to run, you should have a bear or something on hand to chase me."

One thing that was weird, and could explain some of my recent lethargy, was my blood pressure today. It was taken twice. The first time, it was 80/60, the second time it was 92/78. Now I'm kind of investigating possible side effects of the meds I'm on, to see if any of them affect blood pressure. Low blood pressure kind of wipes you out, so I want to check that out thoroughly.

It would be a kick in the pants if I've been being treated for a psychiatric problem that turns out to be a different kind of problem with psychological implications.


  1. Hehehe. She has the shirt on too. She is definitely not camera shy. So cute!

    I have LBP too. I am always tired. Typically BP is 90/60 but they never say anything other than, oh you just have low BP.

    Maybe you could change your stress test to another day? That will be so hard to add that to the list that, will it be accurate that day?

  2. i am tired all the time and my BP is normal. :-)

    and are you trying to tell us that you aren't nuts? c'mon.

    and you know how i feel about the whole thing. i am sure you will be relieved after the Echo.


  3. I love the shirt!!! You need to put Bella in some talent shows, this girl has a future on the screen!
    As for the blood pressure/heart problems, I hope everything works out, that would be upseting if they had misdiagonised (sp) you, hopefully they can nip that in the bud. I like the sounds of your doctor, he seems compentent! Keep us posted.

  4. So glad you commented on my blog as I love yours.

    had that whole anxiety/heart problem thing two years ago

    it is a chicken egg thing and I'm not sure is ever satisfactorily explained--think most problems are physical but we don't know enough to actually diagnosis them correctly yet. less than a decade ago, women were never considered to have heart problems before menopause

  5. Forgot to say that I love Michelle's tee shirt--great message

  6. Michelle, that's something I hadn't considered, but on the other hand, I'd hate to wait any longer than I already have to. Hmm. And yes, I still want a new president. But not Dick Cheney, so in blackjack terminology, I'll "stick" rather than risk "busting".

    Jen, dang it, you are SO onto me! If there was ANYTHING physically wrong with me, I was gonna be all, "You're crazy and I'm not, nyah, nyah, nyah nyah nyahhhhh!"

    VG, we have actually discussed it VERY briefly, coming to the immediate conclusion that Little Miss Contrary would NEVER do what she was supposed to when she was supposed to do it. It's already hard to take her picture, because she's too aware of the camera. Darn.

    Pia, thanks--and you're right, if men menstruated they'd have come up with that "Seasonale" pill a LONG time ago. Of course, us endo sufferers (another thing that would not exist if men were susceptible) have been doing the continuous BCP thing for years.

  7. Thank you for the very kind comment on my blog. Photography isn't how I make my living, although I'm doing a few weddings and what not every now and then on the side.

    I would bet money that you are taking a medication that affects blood pressure. There are very few medications that don't, one way or another.

    Hope you get good news!



  8. Great blog!

    Where oh where did you get that tshirt? I'd love one for my boys!

  9. Sorry I didn't answer this--the tee came from

    They have sizes 2-6. I know the election is over, but I STILL want a new president!