Sunday, October 30, 2005

Please Keep Frappin', People!!!

Seriously...when I see a couple hundred of basically the same visitors each day, and only 44 of you have "frapp'd"...I feel sad, like a little homeless puppy. You don't want that, do you? So come on, folks, click the globe I ripped off from Laurie, and stick a pin it it, wouldja? I'm begging! And if you have a blog I haven't visited, leave a comment so I can find you, too! I love you guys!!! For reals!

Family and Friends, I am talking to YOU, too!


  1. you stole me globe!! ;-)

    hey, you have more pins on your map than I do!

  2. Yeah, but mine doesn't spin! What's up with that? Usually animated gifs work for me.

    I'm sending people to your site at every opportunity. JenB (jenandtonic), when she's feeling better, will adore you, I think.

    Right now, there's even the added attraction of, "Hey, go to Laurie's site and see her BUTT!" Heh.

  3. Hi! you've never visited my blog!

  4. Well, Celena, I am rectifying that oversight right NOW!! ;-)