Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Only Semi-Constructive Thing I Accomplished On Saturday

Refurbishing the trailer-hitch cover from Alex's truck. Apparently, it had become faded, hence the dismal record of the Razorbacks thus far (sports fanatics can make themselves believe anything). So I used my formidable artistic skills to brighten up Mr. Hog in time for the game, and lo and behold, Arkansas beat Louisiana-Monroe 44-15. I am still not a believer, but Alex is all, "I told you so."
And since Mommy was painting, Bella had to paint, and in the Lazy Mom School of Childcare, FORGET smocks. The best way to keep a toddler's clothes clean and paint-free is to remove them entirely. She is currently in her "orange phase", which we much prefer to her "mix all the colors toghether until everything is a murky brown" phase.
Right now we're settling in to watch the German film, "Lola Rennt" ("Run, Lola, Run"), which is one of my all-time fave-O-rites, so I am happy. Alex isn't even complaining about the subtitles--myself, I love subtitles, because you still know what people are saying when your 3-year-old is yell/singing at the top of her lungs.


  1. Hi Belinda,

    Great blog! I stumbled on it by using the random blog button. Love your articles. I put a link to your blog on mine - I hope that's ok. Keep up with the great stories, ideas, and thoughts.

    P.S. - Hope you figure out the heart/anxiety stuff. Good luck

  2. Bella looks cute - I like her color choice!

  3. Well I say orange phase is much better than one Pablo Picasso's blue phase. I never got that.

  4. There are art galleries that hang pictures on the wall that look like Bella's! She's a genius!

  5. When she draws, she really does pretty good representational art. Impresses me, anyway!