Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mayberry, RFID

Is anyone else as frightened by THIS as I am? I really don't want to have to worry about who might be scanning my trash.


  1. I work at a casino in British Columbia, Canada in the surveillance department. We have 600 slot machines and 48 gaming tables. Pretty puny by Vegas standards. We have over 400 stationary and movable TV cameras in the casino. We have a face recognition system to discover folks that have been barred or self excluded. There is a card you can sign up for that you insert into slot machines that allows you to be eligible for hourly draws. It also tracks your gambling information. The RFID is just the next step.
    I use a proximity card to access the building I work in. It uses an short range RF signal that ID's me and lets me go where I am allowed to go. No card, no go. Just up the power on the thing and I could be tracked anywhere I went. This type of tech is in use everywhere. Unfortunately the ethics of the providers of this tech is in question. Of the People, by Corporations, for Corporations. I used to work for he federal government here in Canada tracing and collecting tax debts. But that's another story of unethical behaviour.

    I like what you have to say. Please continue to say it. Being someone who is what they say they are (What You See IS What You Get) is living truth. Integrity is something you have and it's a wonderful gift to give yourself. Too bad few people in power have that.

  2. I'm glad that you are concerned. That's why we Christians have to team up with privacy advocates and keep abreast of new technology. Good read.

  3. I hope they don't start tracking my dogs.

  4. Hi Belinda, sorry for posting here (since I'm not commenting on RFID) - I couldn't find a more appropriate place to leave a message!

    Just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your interview on the Bring It On site, and have linked to it from today's entry on my blog. It's good to find your blog, keep on posting!

  5. Trav--it's horrifying. I can't imagine it will be long before we're being pushed to microchip our babies at birth "for our own safety". I'm stymied by the appearance that it's the very people who are supposedly against "big government" (or, more accurately, their lobbyists) who are behind these things.

    digi-thanks for the kind comment.

    Doug--every one of my dogs is microchipped! If they're being tracked, however, the lazy things are providing some disappointing results for the "watchers."

    GB--thanks...I'm off to visit everyone's sites now!

  6. Since you are a member of the bipolar community so to speak I would like to link to you, if that is ok. I think that familial issues may be something of interest since we rarely hear what families have to go through.

  7. Right--it's hard being the BP, and hard being the "other", as well.

    We're very lucky that Alex does so well--he's a true success story. But I know that the side effects from meds and breakthrough cycling, etc. are really hard on him. He's a good man.

  8. OK, I didn't read all of the attachment, because I'm tired or lazy or something like that, but really, anyone tracking me will be even more bored than whoever is tracking your dogs. Actually, how do you get one of those tracking jobs? Gotta be better than what I've got.

  9. Hi there, the technology itself is pretty simple and quite kewl. It's actually beeen around for many many years...ever wonder what those weird stiff barcodes thingies were on items you bought from like say the local CVS?

    Those are the tags. Now, I think we should all be concerned because up to this point, no one has really raised the privacy issue of the non-protected technology. Nothing really would stop a guy with a scanner to physically walk up to your clothes or whatever and read off the tags...Kinda scary.

    Did you ever watch the movie "Minority Report", where Tom Cruises' character walks into a shopping center and all of the kiosks start saying his name and customizing ADs as he walked by, the theory is that this is what the tech will do for ya. :)

    American Express is the first and only major credit card company that has deployed the technology on their credit cards...these are a bit more secure because of the propietary technology used to read the cards..but it's all around us now.

  10. Yes, Gilbert, the Minority Report scenario was what came to mind immediately for Alex and I. Those scenes in the mall in that movie REALLY bothered us at the time. And since his name has now been invoked, I have to take a moment to say UGHTOMCRUISEIGNORANTCULTISTFREAK!

    *WHEW* Better now.