Friday, October 07, 2005

Links For Looking (Or Not--Pick And Choose)

First off, I have discovered the perfect toddler-sedater, totally by accident. A couple of weeks ago, I TiVo'd "Koyaanisqatsi" off the Sundance Channel, because, well, it sounded interesting. And it was, at first. Unfortunately, 90 minutes of Phillip Glass music exceeds my Phillip Glass music tolerance by about, oh, 83 minutes. But without the sound, it's hypnotic. It mesmerized me so that I kept watching in spite of the music, so I decided to try it on Bella at naptime. Holy frijoles, it worked. I've done it 3 times since then, and she never makes it past the first 10 minutes before she's out like a light. About the time the sand-dunes start blowing, she's snoring. It's beautiful.

Next, I'd like to recommend a blog for smart people--smarter than me strongly recommended. It's Jeff's blog, and he's not JUST smart, he's funny and insightful and thoughtful and lots of other good stuff. Just go see. Start with this absolutely deep and thought-provoking post on "Information Anxiety" which he wrote on a mobile device while WAITING FOR A MOVIE TO START. If you're too intimidated, let me just say that he's a Buffy fan. Feel better? But seriously, this post is one for the keeper file, and Jeff's a good read and a reliable movie buff and book reviewer.

And I just thought this was interesting...I absolutely do not believe in "rapture predictions", because we've been plainly told that "no one will know the day or hour of my coming", but this site, the "Rapture Index" has been researched exhaustively, and you've gotta admire the effort. It's really wild, all the indexes and the reasoning behind the ratings.

Iraq Coalition Casualties. Bare statistics which speak for themselves. No editorializing.

One of those bizarre (at least to me) "numerical code embedded in writing" sects, the Gematriculator purports to compute the percentage of good and evil in any website or written passage. (I'm anxious to see if any of Erin's poetry is eeeevilllll, heh, heh...) My blogsite is only something like 70% good, which was a bit disappointing.

If you have a strong stomach, go to Halliburton Watch and see, in graph form, how the company's stocks have risen commensurate with the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq. Rather disturbing. And SERIOUSLY, if you haven't checked out National Geographic's live "Africa-Cam" set up at a watering hole called "Pete's Pond" in Botswana...DO IT NOW. Or maybe not now, because peak times, which are listed on the website, are not exactly the most convenient for some places. But you ought to be able to catch some action sometime, and the live sound is amazing. We've seen and heard zebras, impalas, guineas, elephants, warthogs (my fave so far), baboons, and black-backed jackals, to name a few, all coming in for a drink at Pete's Pond. This is WAY cool. Especially if you're a little nerdy.

Just some really great pictures. That is all. See for yourself.

And finally (entire reading audience that has made it this far heaves a huge sigh of relief), I leave you (along with the question, "Why?") with Marzipan (NOT) Babies. Here's a preview, just to get you to go look at all of them. It's a combination of "wow, that's impressive", and "wow, that's creepy."
These images have been circulating in emails for a couple of days, as being made of marzipan, which is really kind of skeevish, if you think about it. But actually, they are sculpted of polymer clay, by an artist named Camille Allen. Amazing, huh?


  1. You are amazing. Am a bit low on words now, having gone through every emotion from anger to acceptance at New York's new problems.

    Kind of want to stop commenting and fixate either on the image of the marizapan looking polymer clay baby (angelic, really) or the truly gross but funny green neon bathtub. It's something people have to see for themselves.

  2. I am in the "that's creepy" camp! Yeeeuch! (Ok, it's amazing that she can do that, but it still gives me the heebie-jeebies.)