Sunday, October 23, 2005

How To Coax A Tear From His Eye

While watching "Cinderella", during the scene in which Cinderella and the prince first dance and sing together, point to the screen, turn to him, and say, "That's me and you, Daddy."


  1. That must have melted his heart!

  2. Honestly, I loath Disney Cinderella.

    But that's a really sweet Daddy moment. Serious "Aw" factor.

  3. I understand about Disneyfication, but that's what's out there, and what she has seen, and she's seriously into the whole "princess" thing. Hey, at least it's not Barbie. Ugh.

    I had to tell Alex (out of Bella's earshot) the "original" Cinderella fairy tale that has the stepmother cutting off her daughter's heel so her foot will fit in the slipper, and then her being found out as the slipper fills with blood...not very Disney, I guess!!

    My fave Disney movie as a kid was Sleeping Beauty. I had a mad crush on Prince Phillip, and loved that smart-alecky horse of his.