Sunday, October 02, 2005

Here There Be Totally Unoriginal Content

First, there is a decent story in the NY Times about the importance of carefully researching breeders and breeds before buying a puppy through internet contacts. It took me a while, however, to get past the caption beneath the picture:

"September Morn, of Shelton, Wash., bought her American Eskimo puppy, Iris,
online. Ms. Morn, a trainer, spent a year getting to know the seller. Iris seems
to get along well with Ms. Morn's 8-year-old dog, Ch'a, at right."

"September Morn?" It just begs so many questions. Was she born before the Neil Diamond song came out, and it's just a coincidence? Was she actually named after the song, by people whose surname was "Morn", and just thought it was too rich an opportunity to pass up? Is she just a huge Neil groupie, and legally changed her name to get Neil's attention, or to convince people in bars that the song is about her? IS the song about her? None of the above? It boggles the mind. And what kind of name is "Ch'a?" I hope Iris knows that she totally lucked out.

Moving right along, via Davezilla, is something I just can't...well, I don't get it. I wouldn't like it to sleep in, so why would men? What exactly is the target demographic for this product? Please, fellas, (and maybe ladies looking for stocking stuffers?) visit the site, and learn how you can "Spice Up Your Dreams In A SkortMan SleepSkort." UGH.

Continuing in the category of "links other people found first", is an item I know that MY husband will certainly be wanting--the Duct Tape Bandage. It's for real--no joke!

Lastly, have your snappy comebacks become lame of late? Are you sounding less like Dorothy Parker and more like Dorothy Gale ("Take that, you big bully, you!") ? If so, head right on over to the convenient Shakespeare Insult Generator. It is to laugh, I promise.

" Thou gleeking weather-bitten skainsmate! "


  1. I've been collecting a few sites lately for my own post like this. It is amazing what bizarre stuff is out there, isn't it? The Duct Tape link didn't work for me, but the sleep skort? What the? First, who can wear anything with tight elastic around their thighs? Not me! And second, WHY, just WHY would anyone buy this? Way too weird.

    Love the insult generator. I've used it before!

  2. The duct tape bandage I can see. Really, my brother would love them.

    The skort, boy, I don't know. I can only think of it as a birth control device. Because you can't possibly.....well, you know, while you're laughing that hard.

    And the puffy shirt? What's that about?

  3. i once watched martha stewart make a wallet entirely out of multicoloured duct tape. i am still recovering. yet i didn't miss a moment. nor did i try it.

  4. I don't know if it's the same person, but someone named September Morn writes regular columns and articles for Dog Fancy magazine. Seems like it might be the same Ms. Morn, with the common link in dogs, I'd say.

  5. I think customers of the Sleep Skort are also wearing "Manties" and buying size 13 high heel pumps, if you know what I mean. Sometimes a guy just needs to feel pretty when reclining against his couch!

    My husband wouldn't even wear a Duct Tape bandage. He's like that knight in the Monty Python sketch that has his arms and legs chopped off and still wants to fight-"it's just a flesh wound!"

  6. It's a common bit around here, too..."Ah, 'tis but a flesh wound."

    We love that movie.

  7. I wish I'd have thought of September Morn for the Neil Diamond groupie effect and all. Plus, it was 5:26 am in September.
    I love, love Neil. Swooon. :)