Sunday, October 16, 2005

(happy birthday to me)

It's 11:35 P.M. Sunday, and I really want to get this in while it's still officially my birthday, Oct. 16. So it will be brief.

Had kind of a weird, bad day brain-wise. Loafed around for most of it. Alex gave me a signed first-edition that I had ached for, which was great. Then late this afternoon we went over to Mom's house (where I LOVE the remodel she's doing--I want to live in her house now!) and she gave me wonderful presents of very nice clothes and some shoes I had really wanted:

I want this wrapping paper for all my gifts I give, from now on.

The sweet and funky, totally spunky, slightly clunky, and foot-caressingly comfy shoes. They're Borns. I love Born shoes. Love them. Ever in a gift-giving quandary for Belinda? Born shoes, size 9. Thank you.

Bella had insisted on wearing "THE NEW PRETTY DRESS" that came in the mail yesterday from JenB in freakin' Canada...gosh, it's gorgeous. Jen has perfect taste and a fantastic grasp of what "is" Bella, style-wise. It's for next spring, and is a little too long right now, so she kind of looked like someone from "Little House On The Prairie" going to the prom. But it was adorable, and I couldn't have pried it off her with a crowbar, anyway, and it didn't hurt anything to let her wear it. It was 85 degrees outside, anyhow. The dress is very versatile. Here are just a few of the things you can do in it:

Pose cheesily.

Run around and around the coffee table in the family room for no apparent reason than that running in pointless circles is FUN.

Twirl! STOP twirling when you get dizzy. And finally...

Practice becoming either a deadly martial arts expert...or a Rockette.

Mom took us out to dinner, where we gorged on lots of food and chocolate cake and ice cream, and I waited almost until the end of the meal to start having my "heart attack" panic whatever thing. I took a Klonopin and felt better by the time we got back, and Alex spent the next little while madly coveting Mom's new 61-inch, flat-screen HDTV. This was taken on the 12th occasion within 10 minutes that Alex said to me, "LOOK at that picture!"

In short, my Mom is the best, I love my husband, my daughter delights me, I am (in the words of our gal Nita) "careening toward forty" like a runaway train, and I'm only slightly crazy. Thanks for all the well-wishes!


  1. that television is obscene.

    umm.. give it to me.

    bella looks bella!!!

    i love your shoes and that wrapping job is amazing! i want that from now on too.


  2. Happy birthday (a day late)!!! It sounds like a good day was had and that is the best way to spend a birthday no?
    I love Bella's dress, she is a Mary Baldwin girl through and through (my alma mater), I'm adding her to our potential students list!

  3. happy birthday! glad you had a good one. :)

  4. Happy belated birthday.

    I love Bella's dress!

    I'm glad you were able to get out before anxiety hit - chocolate contains caffiene - could that have triggered it?

  5. The dress looks really pretty on Bella-green is a good color for her. Jen is such a sweetie for sending that to her!

    The TV? Holy CRAP that thing is huge!

    Thumbs up to both the shoes and the wrapping paper too. Glad you had a good birthday.

  6. Happy birthday wishes.

    Oh, and I'll concur. That wrapping paper is top 'O the line!

  7. Wow, LOOK at that picture! God I hope my husband never sees this post!

    The wrapping paper really is pretty, I'd never have thought to go with brown, but it looks like a big ole chunk'o'chocolate!

    And Bella, well, you already know she's all but edible. I love to see little girls in more traditional clothes, the stuff they sell nowadays is so... mature. I mean, do 3 yr olds really need to look 21? Sheesh!

    Anyway, late as usual, but Happy bierthday!

  8. Happy Birthday too heh, vocabulary vs spelling all over again eh?

  9. Happy Birthday!

    Those shoes look comfy - If you change your mind, I'm a size 9, too! ;-)

  10. when belinda told me bella was a "girly girl" i couldn't resist. i bought my daughter a similar dress for next year. they are april cornell - i like the non-21 style of dress as well.

    happy birthday again hotpants!

    and yes, chocolate sometimes does me in with the anxiety. in fact, i haven't had hot chocolate since having a massive panic attack. hmmm...


  11. you send me a boxful of completely irresistible CHOCOLATE? Let's see, you're obviously trying to kill my whole family...WAIT. The chocolate would be MY undoing, and Bella would choke on the German Death-Candy(more on that later today), but what was supposed to get Alex? You weren't planning on leaving him here with all MY poodles, were you? Horrors!

  12. Going to look up Mary Baldwin now...
    Also today, trying to figure out how to put my Bloglines stuff into folders and publish my blogroll to my site. Cuz' there's a lot of folks I read who aren't up there, and if I can keep from adding them individually, that would be great. Any Bloglines advice?

  13. Happy Belated Birthday.

    Love the poodle wars! V. cute.

  14. Happy Birthday from your forgetful, bad friend! Looks like I could remember since we're right there together (and why did you have to mention the "40" thing?!?!)

    Love ya!


  15. Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you had a great day. The shoes are fab.

    40's zooming up real fast here too... as I said to Dave today, I may be 38 today, but I don't feel a day over 75.

  16. I may be 38 today, but I don't feel a day over 75....

    HA! Yes. That says it, I think.

  17. Happy B'day Belinda. Your shoes are awesome. They look so comfy and warm. I'm jealous!

    Bella looks gorgeous in that dress. What size is she? I have to go through the boxes and boxes of stuff and see what we have that she might covet.

    The 40's for me were pretty awesome. The decade beyond has been horrible, however. I am hoping for some positive changes.

    And the big question of the evening from the Boy is "why hasn't the ritalin kicked in yet." Yup, been that kinda day.

  18. happy birthday.

    thank you for those kind comments you left on my blog. they were really encouraging.

  19. Happy B-Day. Sorry I missed your Sunday post. Hope you had a great one.

  20. Happy Belated, Belinda!
    Your mom is the greatest. Those shoes rock. And, Bella in the dress...too much cuteness.