Saturday, October 15, 2005

Dog Day (Because I Feel Like It)

It's my blog, and if I want to make today Poodles On Parade, well...I'm gonna.

These are my wonderful champion show-girls, ever so delicately feasting on horse manure. Here you see Gabby in an actual you-know-what-eating grin. But at least she did manage to "strike a pose" for me a few times:

And trotted around politely (looking for more horse-poo)...

As opposed to Dear Hope, who is, well... an ebullient sort.
Another champion showdog in residence here is our beloved Reggie, who you also see dancing in my sidebar and profile and Blogger comments. He's a total sweetheart, and a true pacifist. Lets the girls run roughshod over him just to maintain the peace. He's that kinda guy.

And then there's J.T., our "up-and-comer", who will be entering the showring probably in January. He's busy growing hair and gaining attitude. We haven't yet informed him about "POODLE DRAG".

(Peeking out from behind J.T. here, is little rescue/permanent foster-dog Pearl, an adorable, blind, 3-legged, Addisonian toy poodle. Please call me if you're dying to adopt her--she's obviously a luck-bringer.)

And how do you come by such a pup? Why, you cross these two:


And Mason.

And here it is...POODLE DRAG. For Beauty, for Championships, for the Thrill of Victory, something must be sacrificed. In the case of poodles being shown at AKC shows, the sacrifice is, well...getting to look like a dog, instead of a walking topiary. We'll try to break it gently to J.T., and encourage him to finish as a puppy, so he never has to wear "the pattern". Poodles under 12 months of age may be shown in "puppy trim" which is oh, so cute. That's what we want, J.T.

If not, this is what's in store for you:

Reggie In Drag

Hope In Drag

Gabby In Drag


  1. Whoever decided to give poodles those cuts anway? I like them better with their real hair (and yours are cute either way!)

  2. The actual origin of the pattern was functional. But where the hair was "long", it wasn't more than an inch long. It's a coarse, water-repellant coat, so the intent was to keep joints and vital organs insulated in icy waters(the breed was developed to retrieve and be an all-around hunter's dog). But then, you see, it comes to America. Where we believe that if a little is good, then a TON must be better. And the hair just kept getting bigger and bigger...

    There is a bit of backlash against it now, just a grassroots movement, and you can show at UKC shows in a sporting trim.

    It ain't a picnic growing out and maintaining all that hair, either!

  3. they are gorgeous! LOVE the 'drag' pix:)

  4. Someday I'm gonna have my own standard frenchie. I love these dogs more than any other breed, but I do have to admit, the 'drag' clip is really horrid.

    Gabby is exceptionally beautiful. What is her color, silver or white or a combination? I've never seen a poodle with such interesting markings.

    And who handles them in the ring? Do you have a professional handler/trainer or do you do it yourself?

  5. Gabby is a lovely pale silver (I wanna say they call it "platinum" when it gets that light, but I'm not sure--it's a new color for me), but she's young yet, only just turned 2, so she's still "clearing", which they tend to do from bottom to top. That explains the darker hair on her topknot and ears. You can really tell how the clearing goes in her show picture. They are born black, and gradually fade to an even silver over the first 2-3 years.

    And the sunlight made her look a lot lighter than she is. The indoor pics are much truer to her color.

  6. That Gabby is really, really beautiful!!!

  7. Oh, and NO, we don't show them ourselves, except very occasionally. It's the hair, plus my total lack of coordination. Handlers are worth their pay for grooming alone, in our breed!