Friday, October 14, 2005

Couples Therapy

Just now, triggered by a "Dr. Phil Show" discussion of relationship "deal-breakers" (i.e. cheating, drinking, verbal abuse, physical abuse, etc...the things established beforehand which, if they happen, would mean the relationship is over):

"Hey, I just know what my "deal-breakers" are, but I don't think we've ever discussed yours! What would they be?"

(In best Dale Gribble voice) "You're about to find out, if you don't hush up."


  1. 'hush up'! ha! i love sweet talk!

    i'm totally telling about the grilled pb&j cuz they rock superhardcore.

    and i totally love you. i mean it man :)

  2. i can't get past the fact you guys watched dr. phil together.

    and i love you too. man.

    was belinda the inspiration for the grilled sammies? tell me all about it.

  3. Well, the Dr. Phil thing was pretty much accidental. We had been watching a movie, and when it went off, that's what was on "real" TV. And it just happened to be one of those "train wreck" segments. We couldn't look away.

    Nita was fixing grilled PB&J's for BeaR, as a reward for being so good to her in her recovery. Sounds weird to me, but she swears they're the bomb, and I KNOW Alex would want one if he heard of it. I can't imagine how you grill them without melting the peanut butter.

  4. You two sound as bad as my wife and me. My wife is currently between jobs (has a couple of offers actually) and watches Oprah and Ellen and the View. Then I get to come home and talk about them with her. And sometimes I'm actually interested.

  5. I hate Dr Phil. All the way. The only way I'd watch him would be on Celebrity Boxing and it would have to be opposite Orca Winfrey cuz I know she'd bust him OPEN!

    Anyway, the peanut butter is supposed to melt. That's what makes them yummy, silly. And I have to tell you to make sorta thin sandwiches cuz otherwise it's a fucking disaster area :)

    Serve with milk. I'm serious, you will not know how you lived without these.

  6. Wouldja believe I made 'em today? That was before I read your thinness warning, so there was a bit of a mess, but they were well received.

    I'm still refusing to fry him a peanut butter & banana sandwhich in a stick of butter.