Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Birthday Party Highlights

We had a great day Saturday, just a quiet party with family. I'm kinda glad we didn't invite other kids, because we were pretty much at "gift overload" as it was, and the overstimulation got a little intense. Next year will have to be scaled down a bit. Mom graciously provided her home, since we can't fit more than one additional person into our house if we're all in it ourselves. She also provided the party hats and Dora cake, which Bella got her fingers into immediately.The unopened PRESENTS were driving her batty, so that's where we started. Every single gift got a gasp of appreciation and lots of shouting to make sure EVERYBODY SAW. The highlights, in case you have a toddler and you're taking notes for Christmas, were these:

The aforementioned "Puppy Surprise", from Andrea and Grayson and Chip.

And the muy ridiculoso "Dora's Talking Dollhouse" from Grandmommy H., complete with MORE FURNITURE THAN I HAVE (this is not right). Seriously, an entire one of her toy bins is now devoted to Dora's furniture, friends, and accessories.

Mommy and Daddy have actually had time to think, and blessedly, relative QUIET since the dollhouse came. We love the dollhouse, 70-million pieces or not. I have been reading a BOOK!!

And then there is the amazing creativity and wonder that is the homemade fairy-princess dress from Grandmommy M. Think this went over well? And how.

Oh, and did I mention that with a simple change, the dress becomes a totally new dress? And that there is a faux-fur stole, for crying out loud? There will be a whole separate post later this week on the awesomeness that is my mother-in-law.

And yes, her parents also got her some presents--some little things like a couple of "big girl" puzzles, Play-Doh, Lite-Brite, and the "big one", an InteracTV system. This thing is way cool. She was already capable of playing computer games on my laptop, so we figured if she could work a keypad mouse, she was ready for this. It's pretty great, and she really loves it. She calls it her "video game" (in truth, she calls it her "dibeo game", and we find that too cute to correct her yet), but every game is educational. She can load the various game cards by herself, navigate through the programs, and basically do it all herself with minimal parental assistance (which would be defined by Miss I DO IT MYSELF! as interference anyway). Mommy recommends.
Being the center of attention for the "Happy Birthday" song was such a thrill for our little diva that we had to re-light the candles and do it again...while she sang along! All in all, I'd consider the day a howling success for everyone involved, especially the birthday girl, who had no idea that her actual birthday was two days earlier. ;-)


  1. Belinda, what great pictures! Bella looks so teeny in the first one, standing next to the huge pile of gifts!

    Your MIL, wow. The dress reversed to a cape with a stole? This woman has some mad sewing skills!

    I can't wait to get Kaitlyn her first dollhouse, I'll probably spend as much time playing with it as she will!

    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl.

  2. What you see in the second picture is one dress. There is a gorgeous petticoat underneath. In the first picture, it's the same petticoat, with a gossamer-like overdress. The capelet is separate. I love my MIL, and I didn't even KNOW she could sew!

  3. Mmmmmm, that cake looks so good. Can I have a bite?

  4. Oh my God, I saw that first picture with all the gifts, what a motherload! Wow, I'm coming over to your house for my birthday!!
    (ps I love that Bella had you guys do the song twice, she is a hoot!).

  5. Wow.. she made that dress?? Awesome! Bella looks like a true princess! It looks like she had a wonderful day :-)

    And yeah, I'll take a slice of that cake for breakfast here with my morning coffee!

  6. VG--Yeah, I think it only works if you're three. We've already discussed how next year we'll have to scale it way back, because she'll be much more "aware", and vulnerable to spoilage.

    She also got clothing to last her until March, of which I am WAY jealous! Seriously, I would wear most of it. Precious little pleated skirts to wear with tights and boots, matched ponchos and hats and handbags...holy cow.

    Laurie--we ate that cake for breakfast for 3 days, she and I. Good mom! Good mom!

  7. I am SO giggling at the thought of "scaling back" a child who now has three princess outfits, one of which has twinkling lights. If you had a helmet whith jewels, she could do some real serious Trick-Or-Treating with that pony.

    I do applaud your self control in making that cake last for three more days. Not at all sure I could do that. I mean, it was chocolate, you know.