Monday, October 10, 2005

At Least She Doesn't Have Separation Anxiety

Alex and I had an appointment early in the morning, so we dropped Bella off at my mom's on the way. I had to get her up earlier, which is always a struggle, but I did have the ultimate motivator..."a pretty'' socks...and PIGTAILS!" So we got ready, and off we set. Once at Grandmommy's house, we had to have the obligatory fashion show:

Once she had shown off every facet of her wardrobe and hairstyle, it was time for Mom and Dad to GO.
And just in case we were thinking of hanging around, she actually led us to the door and ushered us out with a loud and cheery, "Bye-bye, MommyanDaddy, seeyoulater, you go now!"
She does the same thing with Alex's mother, and cries bitterly when forced to leave them. And so many people told us that "attachment" style parenting (breastfeeding, co-sleeping, "wearing" her as a baby, etc.) was going to make her clingy, needy, and timid. HA! It is slightly disappointing when you drop your child off somewhere and she not only doesn't mind you leaving, but literally pushes you out the door, though. Ah, well. She knows who she is, that's for sure.


  1. Love that outfit. Does it come in my size? Matching socks make the girl. She's gonna be wearing Jimmy Chu's before you know it.

  2. You know, Belinda, you weren't just leaving her in some strange and scary, unknown house. Of course, she wanted to be "alone with Grandmom". Didn't you when you were almost 3? (Answer: Yes, you did!) We did funny and exciting things just as soon as you left, like she knew we would!

  3. i would like to eat bella please. she is soooo cute!

    and charlotte does that with my mom too. hmpf.

  4. Your daugher is a hoot! I love the fashion show, she just has to go to a southern college, she would be perfect. I'm going to have to put her on my college's waitlist

  5. My daughter cried for three weeks getting on the bus for kindergarten last month. Once made herself throw up. My heart broke daily. She's better now though I would have traded with you for those days!

  6. Oh your mom comments. That is too cool.

    It's great that she loves to be with her grandparents.

    My just 11 year old niece told me last week that when she's at sleep away camp she wants to be home but when she's home she wants to be at camp, and she said, she's never satisfied except for one family trip to Puerto Rico where she never wanted to leave

  7. You are KILLING me with your daughter's blinding cuteness! I wish I could dress myself that well in the morning :)

    Is this the same Grandma that bought the fairy princess dress? Did Bella have the same outfit on when you picked her up? Inquiring minds want to know!

  8. I've swung by via Pia and I shall definitely be back! What a wonderful outfit :).

  9. It takes a village to raise that sweet, well dressed little darling, as the proverb says.

  10. M-Yes, this was a grandmother-purchased outfit, and Alex mom is just as bad! I'm counting on them to keep her in couture for the next few years, anyway. ;-)

    Mom-How come we don't do funny, exciting things when *I* come over?

    J-I've decided to take the position that it's because we've done a great job and raised confident children. Right?

    VG-Yes, I hope she does, too. Right now, her Daddy is looking for one with no y-chromosomes...and a moat. And sniper towers and floodlights. And he'll probably want to go along, just in case.

    C-I had a GREAT mom (she was a lot better at it than I am, I'll tell you that) who stayed at home with me, and I was the same way about school. I got sick to my stomach a lot, and really hated it. Go figure.

    P-well, that's obvious...on the family trip she had the best of both worlds--an exotic vacation spot AND the family with her! Smart kid.

    And yes, my Mom and most of my family reads here, so everyone behave, MmK? ;-)

    E-Yes, the very same, and yes, she was still perfectly put together when she got home, even after a spell in daycare and a trip to Wal-Mart with her Daddy where (get this) he bought her the Cinderella doll wearing the matching dress. Wrapped around her finger, much?

    Michelle, you should come by on the mornings that it's like trying to dress an irate, greased weasel. Those are the occasions in which it really WOULD take a village...Alex and I can double-team her and she still manages to get the clothes off as fast as we can get them on sometimes. The "strong-willed child", indeed.

  11. She's so cute! And also fortunate to have 2 such wonderful parents AND wonderful grandmas.