Thursday, October 27, 2005

All You Really Need To Know...

...about Harriet Miers' withdrawal of her Supreme Court nomination: This line from the Associated Press report pretty much sums it up:

"There were few regrets on Capitol Hill, from either party."

Allthough, I was pretty tickled by this line from that master of mirth and good humor, ol' chucklebucket Trent Lott:

"Let's move on," he said. "In a month, who will remember the name Harriet Miers?"

One can infer that Harriet won't be sitting on the porch with the gang when Lott's gulf coast house is restored to it former splendor.*

* President Bush, addressing Katrina survivors in Alabama: "We got a lot of rebuilding to do.... the good news is and it's hard for some to see it now but out of this chaos is going to come a fantastic gulf coast... out of the rubbles [sic--that's right, "rubbles", plural, obviously much worse than your run-of-the-mill "rubble"] of Trent Lott's house -- the guy lost his entire house -- there's going to be a fantastic house. I look forward to sitting on the porch. "


  1. "Let's move on," he said. "In a month, who will remember the name Harriet Miers?"

    Given the attention span of the average American, he has a point. "Ooo. Look. Something shiny..."

    Nice to know our taxdollars are building Lott a spiffy new mansion...

    Meanwhile, my Mom, at her Community Development conference, overheard one official complaining that FEMA still hadn't reimbursed his/her municipality for housing the survivors of
    wait for it.
    Hurricane Dennis. Yep. Dennis.

  2. I might be able to top this government insanity. Our state social service budget was cut to 90% this year. This is the same budget that is used to help kids in trouble, families that need support, and foster children. The budget is so bad this year that they can only offer $100 per child for a year of after school activites plus summer camp. Yup, that would be $100 bucks per kid. That ought to pay for 2 days of summer camp.

    And our idiot governor is trying his hand at running for president next term. Mitt Romney is an ass. He's decimated the social services in our state to the point where the disabled can't get health insurance, where DSS can't place kids in programs and warehouses them in foster homes, where people are tossed off the fuel assistance programs if they make over the fed poverty line BUT the cost of living is the second highest in the country. I hate him. OK, rant over.

  3. I didn't like Harriet Meiers nomination, but I kinda feel bad - they dumped her like a hot potatoe, persona non gratis.
    Sad, but another example of the true character of this administration.

  4. did anyone else read the fawning cards and notes harriet meiers sent to dubya? i wonder if she still thinks he's "the greatest" and "really cool" after the way he's disowned her?

  5. Sue sent me this snippet from "The Rude Pundit" (and by "rude", I think he primarily means, "I use a lot of foul language", so you've been warned before proceeding):

    "The Rude Pundit has no sympathy for Miers, who, if she was as f****n' smart as Bush seemed to think she was (but, let's face it, there's rutabgas and cardboard boxes that seem smart relative to Bush), she would have said, "Are you out of your g-d coke-decayed mind?" when she was asked to be nominated. Miers is a tragic figure at best, pathetic at worst, so beholden and enamored of her mad leader that she would throw herself on the spears of the confirmation process for him so he wouldn't have to be bothered with all that interviewin' and decidin' that hurts his brain so bad. But the worst thing to come out of this whole debacle is that the ultra-right now sees itself as having even more power.