Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Abstract Art

This is Bella building her family. Mommy, Bella, and Daddy. Which I thought was really cute. Here's an aerial view of what she had when she was finished:

Let me break it down for you:

According to the artist, the above representation is of Bella herself. A very orderly pattern of short block, long block, short block, long block, etc. Straight, strong, and tall.

And this one is "Daddy." Interesting that it's slightly shorter than the "Bella" sculpture, and not quite as straight, and has that one weird little square in there throwing off what would otherwise be a perfect pattern of two short rectangles bookended by two long rectangles. But still, you can see the family resemblance, right? And now, I give you...


I'm carefully considering what this could mean. Why am I so different sculpturally from the others? It may simply be that after she did this one, she was bored or in a hurry to do the others. But still, I can't help being kind of impressed by her creations. She's really getting into her blocks, which were a gift from Grandmom & Granddad year before last.

The blocks are part of this wonderful setup, which I can't reccommend strongly enough. The workmanship is amazing, and I swear Isabella walked sooner than she would have otherwise, by using the wagon. The artist's name is John Michael Linck, and he is amazing. He also makes lots of other cool wooden toys.


  1. So you're a Picasso piece?

    I love that wooden block set. I'll think I'll get it for Dinks. Prayfully she won't wing them at my head.

  2. I showed this to my husband, saying that you wondered what her representation of you meant. He said that it shows that she has a much more complicated and involved relationship with you.

    We have a similar set of wooden blocks, except ours are just in a heavy cardboard box that weighs a ton. The wagon is such a good idea.
    I'm almost afraid to click the link though because I love wooden toys!

  3. Oh, if you like wooden toys, you have to go look. He has a "train car a month" plan that makes getting a wooden train set more affordable. I love the "clacker", too.

    The wagon is awesome. Pricey, yes, but good gosh, she'll be able to pass this down to her children and grandchildren as an heirloom. The wagon rolls perfectly smoothly, and it's so heavy that toddlers really can learn to walk holding onto it. And each piece is just perfectly finished and smooth. I'm a fan of this guy's stuff, you can tell.

  4. Take delight that your daughter has recognized your multi-dimensional and unusual personality. What, you thought you were a straight line? Get a grip!!

  5. Hmmm...I suppose not, but I never woulda thunk I was so pointy.

  6. My kids had a big wagon filled with blocks like this, plus we bought them one of those Architectural block sets at the PBS store. Great great imaginative play, but when you have twins, every toy is a weapon. The blocks had to disappear after they were about 3.

    I think Bella was showing that you have a multidemensional quality to her, not just a mom, but an artist, cook, soapmaker, etc. I think she's seeing the real you, multitasking and showing all your good points.

  7. Ahhh, I wish all kids today would get to play with wooden blocks instead of nintendos and tvs. 'Tis a changed world. I'm glad things like this are still around!

  8. LOVE IT. You and Gretchen definitely picked a classy craftsman for your children to hone their creative minds and skills. :)

    I was looking at Bella's bday pictures and it reminded me of the old yearbooks from the oct list. One time about a year ago, N saw a photo of Bella in there and said, "dat me, Daddy?" Lance mentioned it to me and we noticed at least when they were babies, there are some resemblences for sure.

  9. From what I know of N., it seems they have similar personalities, as well. Hopefully N. is quieter, for your sake.

  10. Wow. You're quite.....Pointy.

    And she gave you quite the nose, as well.