Saturday, September 03, 2005

Whooopigsooie Baby!

There was a Razorback football game tonight, during which you were snuggled up in your Daddy's arm wearing your pink hog hat and saying "pig soooieee" a lot. Well, you insisted on wearing it to sleep in, so of course your deranged, insomniac Mom had to get up and take a picture.

But it doesn't end there. Deranged, insomniac Mom realizes that there are quite of few pictures of you from infancy forward in tiny little Razorback gear, so decides to dig some out and post them! Wheeeeee! My dear, if you wind up in therapy, I hope we left you with enough of an inheritance to cover the cost.

All these pics were taken at a Lady Razorbacks basketball game at Alltel Arena in North Little Rock. You were about 5 weeks old at the time, and you already had major Hog gear! The whole family fought over who got to hold you the most...once Grandmommy had you in her hands, she was off to the luxury box where her seats were faster than we could say, "Hey, that's not your baby!"

Sometimes you can't get to all the games, but around here game-day attire is observed, even when there's work to be done. On this day, Daddy and Granddaddy took snuggle-breaks with their little hoglet while doing chores around the farm. I loved seeing how your Granddaddy looked at you...and you always looked right, directly back.

Fayetteville game-- we had the privelege of a luxury suite, which was a BIG deal for all of us. You took the most advantage of the private, closed-off part of the suite, rather than the game seating.

By the time your first football season rolled around, you were a PRO. You looked where Daddy looked, cheered when we cheered, and when it all got to be too much, well, there was the snuggling in the pouch all wrapped around your Daddy. I can't think of a better way to attend a game.


  1. That has to be the cutest thing that I have ever seen. I love to see the youth of America directed in the correct direction. Of course, what else would I expect other than to create a Razorback fanatic. GO HOGS GO!!!! You can't seperate a boy and his Hoggy Backs, as David Carter, called them all my life.

  2. awwww, omg these are all so sweet! (sooooieeeet!?)

    haha seriously, all I can come up with is: "awwwww"


    "wow is HE a hottie! You go girl!"

  3. Oh, between this one and Elizabeth's comment, his head is SO swelled now. Now it's all "Let your hottie husband take care of that," etc. Bah.

  4. We tried taking Emily to a couple of football games, and the crowd noise scared the crap out of her.