Saturday, September 10, 2005

Who Says I'm Hard To Shop For?

Belinda Birthday (Oct. 16, *cough, cough*) Shoppers, your problems are solved. It's the perfect gift! It's (so far, anyway) a HUGE bargain! All proceeds go to charity! It's tax-deductible! It's the ideal "chip-in" gift for a large-to-enormous group of adoring friends and family!


A Nikon D70 would also be cool, but not nearly as philanthropic or original. I leave it up to you.


  1. Well, at least you don't want to play golf with Greg Norman or anything expensive like that.

  2. Well, the fair market value on the thing is $5,000, and I fully expect it to go above that, since it's for charity. Oh, well.

    You should really start a blog. You could call it, "I Married The Devil--Who Knew?" or....I accidentally married the devil, but I'm getting better now.

  3. Not really sure about the getting better part, so I guess that's not an option. How about "I've only been 33 for 4 years, so why is my eyesight starting to go?"

  4. How about a card and a hearty handshake (virtual of course) for the birthday?

  5. T'would be gratefully accepted! Do you know, my own husband actually looked at this auction, and turned to me, mouth agape, and exclaimed, "Are you SERIOUS?" To which I could only reply, "Of COURSE not!" with all the incredulity I could muster. I can't believe he, of all people, thought I would really be asking for a $5,000 book when we have 2 car payments and a mortgage. But hey, if someone just happened to send it my way, I wouldn't sent it back, let's say. ;-)