Saturday, September 10, 2005

What Kind Of Tool Are You?

It's not quite what you think, and it IS the source of the discovery of the Stevie Nicks Tambourine art. PLEASE visit Nita's site for this post about the guy who sawed off his own arm to save his life when trapped in a canyon--remember him? Now, the fun does not stop with the post itself. The comments section has turned into quite the funfest of speculation based on the cover picture (linked in the post on Nita's site). Remember, the fun is in the comments, so go, read, partcipate. Comment. I am in dire need of the ensuing HIGH-larity. Thank you.


  1. Why you gotta call someone a tool?


    If it were me, I would put a heat seeking missle on the end.... so when some MORON pulls out in front of me in downtown Little Rock....


    "But officer.... it couldn't have been me. All's I have is this stump. Pity me!"

  2. And you posted that on Nita's site, right? Because THAT is a good one. She needs to have them all collected in one place. And the built-in alibi, well, that's GENIUS.

  3. Hey Belinda, thanks for the "Mixer" comment at the Vocabulary Reclamation Project. Did you ever figure out how to get the button to display? If you're still having trouble with the code, send me a note (

  4. Right now, I'd like a wallpaper steamer attachment. Most often though I'd want the cell phone on my stump to save me from the ole "use the home phone to call the cell to see where the heck it is" routine.

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