Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mike Huckabee Would Be The WORST President In The History Of This Country

Thanks to the deluded person who runs a "Mike Huckabee for President" (GOD FORBID, and excuse me while I make the sign of the evil eye, spit on the ground, and anything else I can think of before I cast myself on the ground and pray for a solid hour that such a thing will never come about) site, this post is still linked from that horrible site because, in this space, I once complimented our now ex-gov's handling of Katrina refugees, which of course turned out to merely be a resume-building exercise for his presidential run.

He won't take down the link, so I've replaced that post with this one.

PLEASE DON'T VOTE FOR MIKE HUCKABEE. Not for president, not for dog-catcher. ESPECIALLY not for dog-catcher, since he can't even keep his own children from mutilating, torturing and killing animals, and doesn't do anything about it when they do.

In case my position isn't clear: HUCK SUCKS.

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  1. If you have found your way here from a blog plugging "Huckabee For President", authored by someone calling him/herself "Blue State Republican, you should know that I do not, in any way, endorse Mike Huckabee for President. You may refer to this post for clarification.

    And feel free to comment--HERE you will not be moderated. Of course, patently offensive comments will be deleted, but nothing will be withheld simply due to a difference of opinion.