Monday, September 12, 2005

To Pat: I Had NO IDEA Raccoons Had Internet Access, I Swear!

Well, some of you might remember THIS post of mine, in which I exhorted my hated raccoon raiders to relocate to someone else's barn. I even, I am ashamed to admit, suggested the barn of my neighbor and good friend, Pat. In the first place, WHO COULD POSSIBLY KNOW that raccoons could go online? Really, who? And also, I never anticipated they'd actually brave the busy road or the SIX-FOOT fence to get there.

The point is, Pat visited me today, and guess what? The marauding 'coons have actually hit her place. I feel SO bad. She has lost pigeons, chickens, and eggs. And I really feel like it's my fault, that I put that cosmic suggestion out there in the world, and the 'coons picked up on it! So what happens now is, Pat is setting up humane traps both here and at her place. We'll probably catch our cat, if I have to guess.

The lesson? NEVER DIRECTLY ADDRESS VERMIN ON YOUR BLOGSITE. NEVER. I don't know if they have WiFi, or if they're hijacking access somewhere, but with those little hands, you can't put anything past them. BE WARNED.

And Pat, I'm sooooo sorry! I promise from now on to only send good, positive critters and energy to your place!

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  1. Animals are just keeping up, it must be something Darwinian. Cute post!