Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So it's Autumn Now?!? Prove It!

So I guess we'll say a very figurative goodbye to summer now, a few days late, but what difference does that make down HERE? As brilliant and talented friend Jeff pointed out, Little Rock, Arkansas, is on the same global latitude as Tikrit, Iraq. Yeah. Oh, well...for those of you have have 4 seasons instead of just our two, "HOT" and "MUDDY BUT NOT-SO-HOT", here are the last of the happy splashing pool pictures.

Get Ready...

Get Set...

And...CATCH! Well, after a fashion, anyway.

Are you sure about this?

You betcha. Daddy will always catch you, Sweet One.


  1. I just can't see that floaty thing as anything other than a giant yellow inflatable vulva.

  2. I couldn't get Alan to wear a swim vest this summer. Wish he would have.

    I can never remember how far south it actually gets cold and snowy :(

  3. Lara--this occurred to me *after* I cropped the pictures. This is one of the "Nilla Wafers" banana boats. They're everywhere!

    VG--A-HA...my MOM has a pool. God, it still feels so weird saying "my mom" instead of "my parents". It ain't right, I tell ya.

    Leslie--we sometimes have a couple of snows. 90% of the time, nothing to write home about, but occasionally we get a good one. We had one last year. The down-side is, that when it melts, everything goes to mud, because it's not cold enough for long enough to really freeze the ground very far down.

  4. banana vulva. i think i am scarred for life.

    and today, it is 56F and that is WARM for right now. i don't know which i would prefer. well, i would prefer the pool. pull out the guest bed!

  5. Bella is adorable in that yellow outfit-"Girls Surf" indeed! Once she masters that jumping off the edge of the pool thing, surfing can't be too far behind!

  6. It was 95 degrees here yesterday - "Autumn" is sort of a figure of speech here, more to seem as though we actually understand what seasons are rather than to refer to mercurial readings.

    We do ocassionally get a good snow, normally in late January. The last one I remember though was about 7 years ago when we got about 16 inches.

    It was all very surreal and we considered for a while the possibility that Monroe NC had somehow magically been transferred to the Buffalo NY area...

  7. hi belinda! i just wanted to com say hi to yoo and yore poodles! everrybudy looks happy and gud heer in yore BLOG!

    yoo be gud now!