Monday, September 05, 2005

The Party House

Speaking today with Bella about some toy or other that she "really needs", I mentioned to her that she has a birthday coming up. I immediately had her FULL attention, and the big-eyes.

Me: "Yes, next month, you will be THREE YEARS OLD, and it will be your birthday. We will have cake, and presents, and a party, if you like."

Bella: (Throws arms up in "touchdown!" position, and giddily yells), "AT GRANDMOMMY'S HOUSE!"

Me: (laughing) "So, you think your party should be at Grandmommy's house, huh?"

Bella: (Suddenly ultra-serious, takes my face in both her little hands, gets right up nose-to-nose with me, and speaks in a calm, quiet, and URGENT voice, almost a stage-whisper) "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. The party must be at Grandmommy's house. It is the PARTY HOUSE."

Things I never knew about my own mother...THE PARTY HOUSE, indeed! Go figure!


  1. We have birthday number 3 this weekend. Sigh.

    I so wish we were close to our extended family (more a geographical issue). I also wish we were closer to you so the girls could celebrate together!

    Have fun at Grandma's Party House.

  2. OMG, that's right, she's the "early" one! I should remember that from last year!

    Happy #3, Natalie! (said Belinda with a big ol' sniffle.)