Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nice Save

Alex was home for his lunch break. He said hi, then relaxed in his recliner while Bella and I folded laundry (meaning, I fold, she unfolds, tries to fold, I say "Good job!" and re-fold when she's not looking) and did other chores in the back of the house. When he left, he called out, "Gotta go, 'bye!" I called, "Aren't you going to come say goodbye to us?", and he said, "Sorry, I'm late--bye!"

So almost immediately, the phone rings, and I think, "Aw, he's calling to say something sweet since he had to run out like that"...but I can't find it. Finally locate the faintly ringing phone--Bella is sitting on it. By then, it's too late, the answering machine has picked up, and he's hung up. I call right back, but get his voice mail, because now (I find out later) he's already talking to his mom. After a few more minutes, I call him back, mainly to tell him about Sue's comment on the "Oh, The Love" post.

ME: "Hey, how come you didn't answer your phone when I called you right back after you called here?"

ALEX: "I was talking to my mom."

ME: "Oh. Well, what did you want when you called me?"

ALEX : "Nothing."

ME: "Um, OK, the better answer to that question would have been, "I just wanted to tell you how much I love you, since I left in such a rush witout even seeing you."

ALEX: (Without missing even half a beat) "Ah-HA! I tricked you! THAT is what I was REALLY going to say! Gotcha!"

ME: (sighing) "Yes, you are quite the tricksy one."

Goober. Loveable goober.

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