Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Newest Personal Heroes!

First off, totally NOT placing the importance of animal life over that of human life. People are definitely the first priority. But I was SO worried about those poor carriage mules and horses in New Orleans--I couldn't imagine how they'd get them out, or what became of them. Well, here's the story "from the horse's mouth", and you can bet I will be sending these guys some monetary token of my appreciation on behalf of the beasts they protected at all costs, at the expense of their own health and welfare.

God bless and keep you,
Lucien Mitchell, Jr., Lucien Mitchell, Sr., and Darnell Stewart.

And here's another perspective on the same story, if you're interested (I know my "horsey" friends are)!

(Once again, the heads-up on these articles from friend Sue, who I am beginning to suspect is feeding me items she's just too darn lazy to blog HERSELF.)


  1. Wow. Thanks for blogging this. I didn't know there were carriage horses in New Orleans. (I'm familiar with the NYC ones around Central Park, never rode in one yet though.)

  2. hi belinda! :) first, let me say that i love your blog, and your daughter is adorable.i'm glad someone has helped out the animals. i saw reports of people heartbroken about being forced to leave their pets behind. you said on tony's blog that you had attended vacation bible school. if you go to the post on my blog from august 1, 2005, i'd love your opinion about the UNHOLY TRILOGY, a series of films shown at VBS. i'm curious to get the responses of other people who remember those films.
    and i'd just like to say that unlike a lot of people who claim to be christian, you are a true representative of real christian values.

  3. Well, thanks, I try, but I fall short (like everyone) in many ways, every day. The goal being more to be Christ-like (i.e. "Christian") than "religious". I really think there's a difference. This I learned from my parents.

    I visited your post you reference, and I DO have a vague memory of one of those horrible films--the last one you saw. I commented in more detail on your blog.

  4. I am so sad for the dogs, and cats, and rabbits, and iguanas, and horses, etc. etc.
    I heard and interview with the director of the humane society yesterday, as if people can just leave their families (pets) behind. It's heartbreaking.