Monday, September 26, 2005

My Favorite Husband

Just watched "My Favorite Wife" (Cary Grant...*sigh*), which is a good, good thing. Of course, we had lots of "How long would you wait for me before giving me up for dead?" chatter. Alex swears his undying loyalty and describes his years of searching and pining away for his long-lost wife...then add, "Shoot, you'd be remarried the day after I disappeared."

ME: (laughing) "I WOULD NOT!!"

ALEX: (grinning) "Yeah...If I was even late getting home from work, y'all would be in the house having coffee, looking surprised to see me."

ME: "You are SO full of crap."

ALEX: "You love me."

ME: "I sure do."


  1. OK, you and Alex have got to find some other way of showing your affection to each other that does NOT involve your hindmost parts.

    Do I have to separate you two? Oh, never mind--I guess 2400 miles and a 35-hour drive does that pretty successfully. :-(

  2. awwww! My husband knows I wouldn't marry someone else in that situation-we've been together since I was 18 and I wouldn't have the first clue how to go on a date!

    Alex is a TREASURE! He cleans, he declogs sinks, he professes undying loyalty...sigh...:)

  3. ohh that is so sweet, I hope I get that lucky when I get married, whenever that will be - sigh.

  4. Ah, but I don't post a lot of the "other side". Heh,heh. And all that pining away talk? Can you say HYPERBOLE? ;-) It was a very "smirky" exchange. Actually, we did have a very rocky start, and have been through some major hard s**t together. I think, however, that the first 3 or 4 years of our relationship are what have made us more appreciative of what we have now, and how much very hard WORK it is. It's like growing a delicate plant or really can't EVER stop caring for it, and hopefully it will never stop growing.

    Oh, and never doubt--he's lovable, he's charming, and he's thoughtful and handsome...but he IS often full of crap! ;-)

    But I AM lucky, and I hope that HE feels lucky, and loved, and treasured, because he is. I wouldn't trade him for a mint. (And yes, Alex, I'm talking about the kind of mint that's full of money and gold, not a York Peppermint Patty.)

  5. I agree, Elizabeth--if I am left alone by whatever circumstances, this marriage will have been enough for a lifetime. I highly doubt I'd seek out another. But I'd hope if something happened to me, that Alex would find someone (the more like me, the better, natch).

  6. Belinda dear, Alex would never be able to find anyone like you! Unless someone else on this planet raises poodles and horses and makes soap!

  7. Oh, I ain't that rare. I've instructed him he has to find her at church, though. I actually have a list in my mind of people I'd be pleased for him to marry, and people who, were he to marry them, would cause me to haunt him terribly.

    Oh, and I was just thinking that the movie "Robots" comes out on DVD today, and Bella is a robot freak--loves 'em. Thought I'd call Alex and ask him to pick it up on the way home. Then when I was in the kitchen fixing her a snack, I noticed it--he'd brought the movie home at lunchtime, without even being asked.

    He continues to rack up the brownie points.