Saturday, September 10, 2005

More Money Than Sense?

Well, then, here you go! You can have this actual, live Miniature Horse pictured from FAO Schwartz for the mere sum of $15,000. They call it a "miniature pony", but there's no such thing, really. It's a miniature horse, and as such is under 36 inches tall. By comparison, the pony we recently purchased for Bella, a registered, well-broke, Shetland Pony, in foal to an accomplished Shetland stallion, cost us well under $1,000, and will be able to serve as Bella's mount for quite some time. But hey--if you just have to spend the $15 grand to feel good about your pony purchase, then come see me next spring when Magic's foal is born, and we'll talk!


  1. They're talking about your blog on the craigslist parenting forum. Thought you might like to know. If I had $15K I'd buy my kid a new car, not a minihorse.

    BTW, I was doing volunteer rescue work today with someone who just came back from NOLA and got a bunch of interesting news about what's going on petwise. Email me if you want to know more.

  2. Yeah, I'd love to hear what you found out.

    $15K around here would go STRAIGHT into the mortgage!

    P.S. If I had another daughter, could I name her Margalit? I've never heard it before. "Isabella" means "gift to God", and her middle name is Faith.

  3. oh how the other half lives...if I had $15,000 I'd pay off a little bit of my mortgage. But that's just me.

  4. $15K? I'll spraypaint my brother's dog and glue a wig on its back and pass the sucker off as a pony. Of course the barking might raise a red flag or two. I'll just say it's bi-lingual.

    I'm with VG. $15K would go a lot further in my home than on a half-pint horse.

  5. Especially when (at least around here) you could get the same exact thing for about $800. Alex said, "Well, if you made a couple million a year, it wouldn't be a big deal, so why not?" And I asked him, "OK, if you DID make a couple million dollars a year, would you let someone charge you $50 for a cup of coffee, just because you could *afford* it?"

    We're on a kick here wherein every spare cent we have goes to making extra principal payments on the cars and home, with a goal of being totally debt-free within about 4 years.