Thursday, September 22, 2005


The horror. The trepidation. The (for me) clumsiness--Alex moves like a cat. It is deep, serious, CLEANING TIME. Not the regular scrub-the-toilet, dust the shelves, mop the floors kind of cleaning, but the down-to-the nitty-gritty, scrubbing-with-a-toothbrush-in-the-corners CLEANING. Ugh. The dogs are in hiding, Mom has whisked Bella away to get her out from underfoot...we have all our supplies, and at least the minimal first-aid supplies that I'm sure will be required (again, for me), and THERE ARE JUST NO MORE EXCUSES. Here we go, into the fray. Pray for us. Weep for us. Check on us later and make sure we made it out alive.


  1. I have to admit I find it satisfying to really get the house clean, and I am a sucker for new cleaning products-bring on the Swiffers! I just took the politics test and scored almost identically to you-56% Social Moderate and 23%Economic Liberal. I am Ghandhi's right shoulder.

  2. And when you're done, can you come and clean mine? I swear it, after the pooping puppies we need every square inch of our floors scrubbed within an inch of their lives.

    It's sad.

    Im a big believer in Simple Green.

  3. I have visions of you looking like Robo-Cop with mop and bucket.

  4. I'm leaving the mop and bucket to Robo-Alex! So far, my charges are the bedroom, bathroom, and poodles. That really sounds funny now that I wrote it.