Sunday, September 18, 2005

Is Anybody Listening?

Please go HERE and read the story posted by my good-hearted RL friend Michelle. And no matter what your faith, if you are so inclined, do as she exhorts at the end, and send out your prayers for this dear lady, who seems to be so all alone and doing poorly. And pray for the rest of us around here, that we might know what WE can do to help, if anything. Leave Michelle a short comment just to let her know that yes, someone is listening. Hers is a brand-new blog, and doesn't have much circulation yet. Thank you.


  1. Michelle's blog doesn't allow comments from my site.
    I am sending good wishes to her friend.

  2. Weird...I bet she doesn't even know that. I'll pass along that, and your sweetness, too.

  3. You're a good friend. Nice to help someone get their blog off the ground. I hope Michelle gets some help for that poor woman. What a horrible situation.